Cod with coconut rice and crispy tofu

I went to the fishmonger today to get some prawns. I had a dish in my head and as I got there the lady in front of me just bought the last ones! she was so lovely she even offered to split them! My attention had already shifted to an amazing piece of cod so I declined the kind offer. The cod was caught locally and it was the perfect size. I got enough for two and would make a plan what to eat with it later.


Cod loin pieces 03April_RawCod


I boiled rice in coconut milk only salt added. When there was 5 minutes left I added a handful of chopped parsley. Put the oven on 180C or 350F for the fish.


The cod, cut it in chunks or thick slices and add salt and pepper, score the skin and place the cod skin side down in a hot frying pan with oil and butter. Wait until the butter has browned before adding the fish. Let it fry and when the skin has colored turn the fish over and place the pan in the oven.


Mix corn flour with salt, cayenne pepper and lemon zest for the tofu and the zucchini.




Cube the tofu and cut two slices of the zucchini. Dust with the corn flour and cook in oil. Drain on household tissue.


Take the cod out of the oven. 03April_CookedCod


Plate up the rice, the cod and the crispy tofu, last add the zucchini slice and serve with sweet chilli sauce.




It was a fairly quick weeknight meal, the cod was amazingly fresh, it tasted just as good as it looked. I will get some prawns another day and felt quite lucky that the lady in front of us had bought the last ones!

2 Responses to “Cod with coconut rice and crispy tofu”
  1. Hilda says:

    Using all those white/beige ingredients, you really made a beautifully coloured dish. Looks delicious too.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Hilda

      Thank you. Ha ha I did think of that and was tempted for a short while to keep it super white but I needed more flavor 🙂

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