Breakfast in the greenhouse

The main changes to the house, so far, are happening in the garden and what a transformation! The garden was originally created to be easy maintenance but with very little maintenance the bushes and the weeds started to grow wild. All of that has now been removed and it has been replaced by a veg patch  and the herb garden is up and running!


The herb garden 26April_HerbGarden


Our pride and joy is the greenhouse, it went up over Easter and is already a favorite place to hang out and we have lots of plants ready to grow on the shelves and in grow bags.


The greenhouse 26April_Greenhouse


As I woke up yesterday morning rain was hammering on the windows and I thought it was a brilliant excuse to have breakfast in the greenhouse. I was meet with a degree of skepticism but I wouldn’t let that stop me! I set up a small table, brought in the chairs and it was ready. We had some lovely bacon that I cooked  crispy in the oven. I find if I eat a full English breakfast it almost always puts me in a bit of a food coma so instead of cooked mushrooms, hash browns and beans I added cucumber, tomato and an avocado to go with it and I added cottage cheese to the scramble eggs to make them a bit lighter.




A newspaper and a cup of tea and it was a perfect place for a relaxing start to the day. I used my avocado instead of butter on the toast, some scramble eggs and a slice of salami made for a very nice bite.


Toast 26April_Toast


We finished the breakfast with some fruit, what a start to the day and the weekend.




It is not warm enough yet to make the green house steaming hot and it was soothing to hear the rain fall on the roof. When there are more things in the greenhouse we might need smaller, fold up chairs.

2 Responses to “Breakfast in the greenhouse”
  1. Hilda says:

    What a great idea. Our greenhouse should be finished this week. Can’t wait to have breakfast in it. Hope it rains even.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Hilda

      🙂 it was so nice! I love having a greenhouse and I hope it will prolong our growing season, my chillies never seem to ripen in time so fingers crossed this year!

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