A very relaxing trip to Paxos, Greece and Tolis Grill House

After some hectic times I went to Stockholm for a conference. I managed to get out in the archipelago and visit my friend who lives on the stunningly beautiful island of Utö. You can read all about it here. I had just had three nights of virtually no sleep in Stockholm and was starting to … Continue reading

Sweet as chocolate cake, A lovely blog award

I woke up one  morning and before I did anything else I checked online what was going on with the world. I was very happy to read that the lovely Julianna, host of the delicious blog Foodie On Board had nominated me for One Lovely blog award! It made me jump out of bed with a … Continue reading

Pork loin with cheddar cheese sauce

The other day I found myself aimlessly wandering around the isle of a supermarket looking for inspiration for dinner. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but when I saw a pork loin it looked too good to resist. I buy almost all my meat from the butcher but I was in the supermarket so I got … Continue reading

Ham hoc Pot au Feu

I always get excited when spring arrives with sunshine, warmer weather and lots of fresh and light vegetables. Every time I go past the veg mongers I get tempted by something! We went to see some friends in Hampton Hill and I took the opportunity to go and see Robson’s Butcher, they are the best! … Continue reading

A visit to the idyllic Utö island in the Stockholm archipelago

Sometimes you just get everything right and timing is on your side. I was off to a conference in Stockholm, I postponed my holiday to to get there and I was resenting my decision ever so slightly but as I arrived the day before I called a friend and arranged to go and see her. … Continue reading

An unexpected treasure – local truffle

I love to buy local produce and discover everything that grows in the region. Summer always brings so many delicious treats but I was very surprised when I found a small bowl of truffles for sale at the fishmonger! They were picked about seven miles from here (and not in France, that we can see … Continue reading

Sunshine and barbecue, finished with spiced cherries and pineapple

Give me a weekend with half decent weather, no rain and I am happy with even smaller doses of sunshine and I can’t stop thinking about barbecue. This weekend lovely weather and plenty of sunshine was promised and well, do I need to say more?! We loaded up on charcoal, I still haven’t gotten around … Continue reading

White bean and beef chilli

I couldn’t believe when the weather turned, rain was pouring down and the temperature dropped. I was so geared up for a loooong barbecue season and glorious moments of snoozing in the warm sunshine it was like a bit of a rude wake up call. I then spoke to a friend in Sweden who told … Continue reading

Spring vegetable soup and stuffed portobello mushrooms

It has been a hectic week and I had very little time to think about food. I have cooked what was in my fridge, larder and freezer hardly leaving the house. Today I made a conscious effort to actually go outside and take a proper lunch. I walked past the veg monger and saw that … Continue reading

Asparagus season is here! Asparagus with truffle egg

We have some friends who moved to Italy a few years ago, they have a beautiful old farm house with views to kill. The sheep goes past their road on a regular basis and no matter in what hurry you are, if they are passing the road, take a step back and chill out until … Continue reading