London’s Borough market and a tapas lunch

If you are a foodie in London there is one place not to be missed, London’s Borough Market. It is a foodie institution, a place to explore and to find produce not always easily found elsewhere. It is a lovely place and the only downside is that there is so much to choose from it is easy to spend a lot of money! You can read more about it, find out how to get there and the opening times here.


They did a refurb and I haven’t been there since they re opened so I was so glad to have plenty of time to walk around. The first stall that caught my eye was this, not sure why…




I didn’t go in, there was so much to see. We wanted to start with lunch but Brindisa, our restaurant of choice was was jam packed. We were advised to come back in 30+ minutes so it was perfect to have a look around. As we were already a bit hungry we also took the opportunity to sample some of the produce.


Game sausages 18April_GameSausage


Calamari 18April_Calamari


I found the most amazing salami 18April_Salamis


The small square one to the right is made with Comte cheese inside! I just had to by one! It is still in my fridge, just waiting for an occasion to be eaten!

The fishmongers had a wealth of seafood, it would be so easy to buy lots and create the most elaborate dinner party!


Brill 18April_Brill


Lobster, almost as good looking as the one I bought locally the other week! 🙂



Gorgeous looking langoustines 18April_Langoustines


Octopus 18April_Octopus


I wasn’t going home for many hours so I couldn’t buy anything too delicate but a few products and 40 minutes later we went back Brindisa.




It was still quite full but we managed to get a table outdoors! Sitting there, sipping some white Rioja whilst waiting for the food we had a great view of the Shard.


The Shard 18April_Brindisa-Shard


A bottle of Rioja 18April_Brindisa-WhiteRioja


We ordered what we felt was a small selection of tapas and it was just perfect.


A plate of Lomo Iberico 18April_Brindisa-LomoIberico


Jamon croquetas 18April_Brindisa-JamonCroquetas


Gambas 18April_Brindisa-Gambas


The last dish was Huevos Rotos, simply delicious.



It didn’t seem like a lot of food when we ordered but we felt stuffed and very happy afterwards, possibly slightly influenced by the delicious wine and the sunshine.

Our next stop was Covent Garden, even if it is always full of there is always something happening.



We both needed shoes and managed to both be successful, in the same shop. This is almost un-heard of as we need a pair of very large and very small shoes.




It was a truly relaxing and lovely day, I can’t even remember the last time we took time to be tourists in our own city!


2 Responses to “London’s Borough market and a tapas lunch”
  1. Corina says:

    I used to work near Borough Market and I miss it more than the job! I used to love getting my lunch there.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Corina
      wow, you were so lucky, it must have been amazing. I could walk around all day and buy oh so much! It is easy to quickly spend a lot of money! 🙂

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