A visit to the idyllic Utö island in the Stockholm archipelago

Sometimes you just get everything right and timing is on your side. I was off to a conference in Stockholm, I postponed my holiday to to get there and I was resenting my decision ever so slightly but as I arrived the day before I called a friend and arranged to go and see her. I was in for two surprises, my friend moved out of Stockholm city to an island in the Stockholm archipelago and I had seen pictures but none of them did the island justice. The second surprise was the incredible weather  Swedish summers can be the most beautiful thing but when it is cold and rainy (for weeks on end) it is just a quite miserable experience! I was going with a friend who had never been outside Stockholm city so it was nice to be able to show him something different.


This time I got the weather one hundred percent right and it was stunning. The island is called Utö and it is in the southern part of the archipelago, you can only get there via boat, or helicopter if you are feeling flush. The sea was blue and the sun was starting to set on the way out as we took an evening ferry.





My friend was waiting for us at the end of the journey, I haven’t seen her for more than a year and it was just great! Everywhere I turned there was a quite breathtaking view. All the green, the foliage on the trees and the lawns made a beautiful contrast to the blue sea.




I had booked us in at Utö Värdshus, a very charming hotel.




The view from the hotel.Uto-HotelView


It was so very Swedish I got all nostalgic, like all my childhood summers in one and it is only the end of May! I had arrived on a picture perfect summers day.


A typical Swedish “Falu” red house




My friend got chickens at Easter and they were so cute. They were very social and walked or ran after “mommy” and “daddy” everywhere whilst happily chatting away.





We ate a lovely starter of smoked salmon, avocado and a delicious sauce made of creme fraiche, a little mayo and wasabi.


We had pork loin with roast potatoes and salad for dinner and I ate way too much and it was accompanied by some lovely wine. It was such a fun evening




We had such a great time that all of the sudden it was really late and time to head back to the hotel and sleep. I had to make some preparations for the following day and I wasn’t ready when the alarm went off at 5.30 am! I would most likely have paid someone to sleep for just a couple more hours if this would have been an option but we had to get back to the conference and there was nothing I could do about it. After a long shower and pep talking myself in to believing I was actually awake I pulled the curtains and no matter how tired or well, slightly hungover I felt, the view was nothing but breathtaking. This place is truly a piece of the good life and what a lovely place to live.




I was so impressed I decided to hurry up getting ready, ignore my hangover and take some last pictures before it was time to leave. The hotel had made a wonderful bag of breakfast goodies so I ate a sandwich and had some juice whilst walking around with my camera. Apparently going now is a perfect time, the place is very busy in the summer and if you are in Stockholm make time to come to this beautiful island. Enjoy a good nights sleep at the hotel, join the crowd if you are there in high season and spend some time being very Swedish!









3 Responses to “A visit to the idyllic Utö island in the Stockholm archipelago”
  1. flippenblog says:

    Oh this is so right for a dream(drool) list to see one day!

  2. chefjulianna says:

    I am dreaming about doing this one day! What an interesting post with such gorgeous photos!

  3. The chicks! What a cool turn of events – and hooray for the sun you got!

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