Midsummer and pretty much everything on the barbecue

Midsummer in Sweden is a celebratory affair. It symbolizes the longest day of the year and there are strong traditions. The first thing you do is to leave town if you live there and head for the summer house or friends/family in the country. There will be a maypole, in Swedish called a midsommarst√•ng. There … Continue reading

Lightly spiced chicken wings, swede mash and roast vegetables

When I think of comfort foods chicken and mash is never far away! There is something so lovely about tender chicken meat and melt in your mouth mash. This was the last meal I cooked in the old kitchen. Everyone told me it will be a pain to live in the middle of not having … Continue reading

A walk though Amsterdam and the food along the way

In a previous life I went to The Netherlands pretty much all the time for business. I could most likely have operated blind folded around Schiphol airport! I did spend a few weekends there, Amsterdam is a great destination but I haven’t been for a few years now. I went back for a conference and … Continue reading

Ginger poached salmon with mushroom rice

I love mushrooms, on their own, as a side dish, stuffed, in salads… you name it! I have always loved mushroom rice and thought there must be a way to get more mushroom flavor in to the rice than just cooking them separate and then mixing them. I have to admit I have actually thought … Continue reading

Corfu town and traditional Greek food at Ta Kokoria

On our Greek tour we started and ended it in Corfu town. Paxos island was lovely and relaxing, Corfu town is very different, there are lots of shops to satisfy even the most dedicated shopaholic! We even saw a couple of fur shops. I am not sure who shops for furs (at all) in the … Continue reading

Cook it raw! At Jos Bar with Chef Ingemarsson

I like to explore all kinds of foods and I have read a few articles about raw food. The raw food I have previously tested was more a bit of grated vegetables with a dressing, nice but nothing too memorable. Social media is a great place to get inspiration and new ideas and I found … Continue reading

Stuffed, rolled chicken and that thing called baking

I have a friend who thinks nothing of baking anything. Whilst I, in my mind, manage to think about the mess, the ingredients I don’t have at hand and the fact that the last bread I made was so dense it might possibly have been used as a weapon, always makes me re think at … Continue reading

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I have always wanted to write. I sometimes miss being creative and it is currently being channeled in to my cooking but I love dressmaking, write, take pictures, make other people smile, you name it! My blog is a creative outlet that in some ways is even better than cooking, I can share it with … Continue reading

Sunday seafood brunch

Seafood is so plentiful here but I seem to have been on a bit of a meat spree lately. My first days in Greece were so focused on vegetarian foods, it took a while for me to eat my fill of Greek salads and zucchini fritters that one day I was wanting, no actually craving … Continue reading