Cook it raw! At Jos Bar with Chef Ingemarsson

I like to explore all kinds of foods and I have read a few articles about raw food. The raw food I have previously tested was more a bit of grated vegetables with a dressing, nice but nothing too memorable. Social media is a great place to get inspiration and new ideas and I found a very creative chef on Instagram, chef Ingemarsson, preparing raw food that not only sounds delicious but looks like works of art. I was happy to discover that he actually resides in my home town Gothenburg in Sweden!

My friend Eve spoke a lot about vegan foods but not raw. I did quite a lot of research and she gave me a beautiful cookbook but two things I believe would stop me going down this route, I would worry that I don’t get all the nutrients as I don’t know enough and I am not sure what I would do without cheese. Raw and vegan foods are good for you and you can read more here about some of the benefits. I will make more of an effort to make more raw food and mix it with my usual diet. I need to learn more through practice.

The combination of raw and vegan made me so curious I knew I had to go and have lunch and try some of the beautiful looking food I had seen online. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but looking at the pictures I thought it would be something special. The restaurant, JosBar is nestled in a spa, had I known I might have taken the time for some treatment but it is a lovely environment, calm and inspirational.

The lunch was a buffet and in the kitchen I found chef Ingmarsson, busy preparing! I introduced myself and told him that I had found him on Instagram. We instantly hit ot off and launched in to an in depth conversation about raw food and the choices we make when eating. Chef Ingmarsson had a lot of inspiration from India where he had been, a vegetarian haven with never ending options for vegetable, or vegetable based dishes.


The kitchen was full of interesting ingredientsJosBar_TheKitchen


The dishes showed global inspiration. There was gently poached chicken for those who wished for meat, and it was delicious, a prawn and black rice risotto and bread. Besides that everything else was vegan and raw, I couldn’t wait to try it.


I quickly turned my attention to the raw food and it looked delicious, intriguing and beautiful. I couldn’t wait to try it and there were plenty of dishes to try.


Raw pumpkin seed pesto JosBar_RawPesto


Asian salad JosBar_AsianSalad


Raw mushroom risotto JosBar_RawMushroomRisotto


Sharon emulsion JosBar_SharonEmulsion


Raw lasagna JosBar_RawLasgna


Red cabbage salad JosBar_RedCabbageSalad


Watermelon JosBar_WaterMelon


Pesto salad JosBar_RawPestoSalad


Fruit JosBar_FreshFruit


Raw mango paella JosBar_RawMangoPaella


Dessert JosBar_Dessert


Chef Ingemarsson is a chef and a food artist, I did actually think of the movie Falling Down, if you have seen it, do you remember when Michael Douglas holds a very sad looking hamburger in his hand, comparing it to juicy and delicious looking burger on the image? Well, in this case the food in real life exceeded even the beautiful Instagram pictures! Possibly because it was possible to smell and taste as well as admire the food. I realized after I didn’t miss cheese at all and it was a wonderful meal and even if I tasted everything the flavors were so delicately balanced it was just delicious! If you are in Gothenburg, Sweden this is a great place to try something new and truly exciting.


You can follow Chef Ingemarsson on Instagram, his profile is rawchef_v_ingemarsson





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    wow! beautiful post!

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