Corfu town and traditional Greek food at Ta Kokoria

On our Greek tour we started and ended it in Corfu town. Paxos island was lovely and relaxing, Corfu town is very different, there are lots of shops to satisfy even the most dedicated shopaholic! We even saw a couple of fur shops. I am not sure who shops for furs (at all) in the Greek heat but we guessed perhaps Russian tourists? I stand corrected if you have a better explanation.


The history of Corfu goes a long way back and everywhere in Corfu town you will see buildings from various ages all mixed together but it is dominated by a 1600 century fortress that rises impressively above the city.




For such a small island the history if impressive and settlements dates back to 1300 BC! I would have loved to explore the island more, perhaps next time! You can read more about the amazing history here.


There is a new fort as well and it looks very large and impressive.



The town is beautiful but there are traces of recession everywhere and I it looks like an investors dream full of beautiful buildings, some with stunning views or nestled in ancients alley ways.








We spent the morning at an hotel doing the full beach experience with sun loungers, a sandy beach and it was a lovely luxury.




As I walked on the shopping streets I saw a lot of dogs, not many cats but homeless dogs and I have to admit I wanted to adopt some of them and give them a lovely home! My friend was even softer than myself so I had to be the voice of reason but secretly…





My friend has been to Corfu before and expertly guides us off the main street and just behind was a lovely, traditional Greek restaurant, Ta Kokoria on Pargas 18Corfu Town. This was just what I imagined during my long 12 hours it took to get there from Stockholm, it was apparently just before season and not possible to fly direct from Sweden. 


Ta Kokoria 22May_Kokoria


My friend was greeted like a long lost relative and it was so lovely to simply sit down and be taken care of! The service is great and the staff very friendly and welcoming. We had a look at the menu and started to order our favorites, they were the same for all 3 of us, what a perfect holiday trio!


Gorgeously garlicky taziki 22May_Taziki


Greek salad 22May_GreekSalad


Zucchini fritters, the best we had during the whole holiday and we did our research!



Calamari, fresh, crispy and delicious 22May_FriedSquid


It might not look like much but the portions were generous and it was perfect. We had some fresh baked bread and local wine and what more can you ask for? We were three very happy foodies. If you are in Corfu this is a wonderful place, for me it was a true taste of delicious Greece.


We walked past the harbor on the way back and tried to count the number of staff on the yacht.



We stopped at the museum of Asian Art, a small but very beautiful museum, perfect for a hot day when you want to get some culture in but don’t have too much time.  Make sure you look up in the ceilings, they are beautifully painted.




Corfu town is beautiful to walk around, not too big and even I didn’t get lost and I tend to get lost in most places, sometimes even inside hotels. I will go back, Corfu is beautiful and I would love to explore more and see some of the amazing history this island has to offer.



4 Responses to “Corfu town and traditional Greek food at Ta Kokoria”
  1. acasadisimi says:

    wonderful post! thanks for sharing!

  2. flippenblog says:

    Definitely one for the travel bucket list. The very long list I have….

    • petra08 says:

      hi Elmarie

      tell me about it! So many places to visit and not enough time 🙂 Glad you like the blog, Corfu is lovely and I would love to go back!

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