My inner carnivore came out at The Smokehouse Islington

The last few years I have made a conscious effort to eat less red meat and since moving to the seaside, more fish and always more vegetables. However I like meat and when I went to The Smokehouse Islington my inner carnivore came out in full force and I have to say if you are not a meat eater, this might not be the right place even if the smoked salmon did look good as well. I saw Chef Neil Ranking on the Great British Menu (a UK cooking competition) and it made me curious to try his food. The menu shows influence from the South in a curious mix with Korean influences. It is a balance that works.


The kitchen 27June_Kitchen


First out was chopped brisket roll with Gochujang. It is quite large and I have to say I think it looks like a man sized croquette! It was filled with tender, smoked brisket balanced with a tangy gochujang sauce.




We also ordered a crab salad. It was so light it was like eating flavors on their own!




After some deliberation about the main course, we all had different ideas we were convinced to try the specialty, Shortrib Bourguignon, slow smoked for eight hours to mouth melting perfection.





There was also a duck, deliciously smoked and served with a duck egg and pickle cabbage, I did take a pic but none of the food pics actually made the food justice!


A chicken fried pork rib also had to be tried and the meat flaked off.




As a side dish we opted for the Korean pulled pork. It may seem like a strange option to have meat with meat but when eating it it did make sense!




We had some delicious Fleurie, what else but red wine?! It was even better slightly chilled.




Eating here made me even more convinced that getting a smoker will be a great idea but I am sure it will take me a long time until I can re create something like this. The place is well worth a visit and Neil Ranking has indeed created the part of me that reminded me just how delicious red meat can be, especially with a smokey, American/Korean influence!


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