Culture and fine dining at Le Gavroche

Sometimes I believe in the power of pre planning. Luckily I have friends who are the same and we had planned a gorgeous lunch and an overnight stay in London. I decided to head in a day early to make a mini break, who doesn’t love that?! I managed to catch up with quite a lot of friends and I meet my friends on the Thursday for a lunch at the iconic restaurant Le Gavroche. We had all been looking forward to it and were so excited. I have been once before and it is a place where the food is perfectly cooked and dining is an experience. Sometimes not having to rush can be the biggest luxury and at Le Garvroche it is a sin not to sit and enjoy the food in a lovely environment.


We arrived hungry and  bang on time ready for lunch! We sat down and within only a few minutes we decided to all order the same dishes. I guess there might be a reason why we get on so well!


We had some lovely nibbles.25Sept_PreNibbles


Followed by an amuse bouche 25Sept_AmouseBouche


We had all opted for the duck as a starter. The outside was deliciously crispy and the meat inside falling of the bone tender. There was cucamelon in the salad that went very well with the rich duck.




We, mainly myself nibbled on some bread whilst talking about everything and nothing. We hadn’t meet together for a few months so there was plenty to catch up on, food being one of the more frequent topics.


Michel Roux Jr came out to do the rounds and I am so sorry to say I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say at all, ahhhh so frustrating! Either way he seems as nice in real life as he does on TV.


For main we ordered the beef, mine was cooked to a medium perfection.




The red wine jus was so rich I was tempted to grab a piece of bread to soak it up but I resisted. The portion might have looked a bit on the small side but it was so rich it was a perfect portion.


It isn’t often I eat sweets and desserts but I always have room for a bit of cheese. I have to admit I had seen the cheese trolley go past and well, there is nothing not to love. My inner cheesoholic came out in full and that amount of cheese is just stunning. The picture is only showing half and if I had more time I would have given it a good go to try all of the cheeses but I suspect I might not have made it!




We had some coffee and petit fours and only made it upstairs where I got a G&T, only to aid digestion of course and we were just happy after our lush meal!


I woke up the following morning, there was no sunshine but it was warm and I sat for a little while in beautiful Princess Gardens.



We headed to the Victoria and Albert Museum for a dose of culture. It is a stunning building and a perfect place to spend a few hours.






I could easily have spent a lot more time but it was time to say a sad goodbye to my friends for a spot of shopping and then it was time to head home. I know I will see them soon again but we don’t live close and I wish we could have lived just a little bit closer, thank you guys it was fab as always!




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