Watercress pesto and crispy tofu

Sometimes I have no idea what to have for dinner and I go down to the kitchen to see what is around and make something from what I can find. I had some salmon in the freezer so I took that out to defrost and was then spending some time thinking about what to eat with it.

To aid my thinking process I have to confess that every day with hot sunshine (so unusual here at this time of the year), when I can, I go to the beach thinking it will be the last time this year! The beach seems endless and I love lying there watching the ships go by and see the white cliffs.




I usually bring blankets and a good book. One blanket is not enough as we all pile on, the dogs don’t seem to think they have to lay on the sand. A bit spoilt but the little one always keeps guard and is so loud no one could ever sneak up up us!




Looking out over the sea thinking about life I decided to use the last of the watercress pesto and tofu with the salmon. I got the last spaghetti squash and with a potato bake it would make a nice dinner. You can find the watercress pesto recipe here.


I did small potato bakes with some left over cream and some milk boiled. I added some cheese on top before baking them in the oven.




I cooked the spaghetti squash at the same time as the potato, here picked with a scotch bonnet from the greenhouse.




I picked a couple of golden beetroots in the garden for a starter soup.




I peeled them and added a potato to give the soup body, a chopped spring onion and a chilli to infuse some heat.




I mashed the ingredients when cooked soft and garnished with sliced salami, sprouts, spring onion, sour cream, black sesame seeds and some chilli.




For the crispy tofu I mixed corn flour with salt and white sesame seeds. I had some firm tofu that I cubed and dusted all around. I heated two frying pans, one for the salmon and one for the tofu. I put a bit more oil in the tofu pan, it is needed to create the crispy outside.

The salmon only needs a little salt and pepper but a little barbecue spice or smoked paprika is always nice as well. Once the tofu is cooked place some pesto on top of each cube and serve with the spaghetti squash.




I served the potato bake on the side. 28Sept_BakedPotatoBake


The food worked but the pesto topped tofu was my favourite, it was crispy with a hint of salt on the outside, soft on the inside and the pesto gave it a lovely bite.




2 Responses to “Watercress pesto and crispy tofu”
  1. Corina says:

    A lovely mixture of things to eat. The pesto topped tofu looks very pretty too.

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