A Global Parmigiano Reggiano Award

I entered my first foodie competition, the Global Parmigiano Reggiano Award. The brief said to use only three ingredients, parmesan being one of them. It is really difficult to limit yourself to so few ingredients. I did a lot of thinking and when I walked past the fishmonger and spotted some lobster I got an idea. It is always a bit risky pairing seafood with cheese but parmesan has a lovely, salty flavour that I thought would complement the slight sweetness of the lobster. For the creamy part I used some avocado mash, see recipe here. It seemed that I got short listed and that brought an invite to a tasting of the three finalists canapés and voting at the House of Peroni in London.


The House of Peroni HouseOfPeroniLamp_25Oct14


They changed my recipe to accommodate the budget and exchanged the lobster to prawns and the black sesame Parmigiano Reggiano crisp to a crostini, it was still nice and I am glad it was!


The original canapé. 07Oct_ParmesanCanape


As finalists we were then invited to the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park where the winner was announced together with several awards from the London Restaurant Festival.


To get me in the festive spirit with the hope of winning I even got a dose of Christmas in October.




The gallery is stunning in itself, there were chefs working on lovely canapés and the champagne was flowing. There was of course large chunks of parmesan for tasting as well.













I tasted some delicious parmesan ice cream, it may sound strange but I loved it!




I think I got a bit of a flush when my name was called, I had won my first ever foodie award! It made me so happy! I left with a magnum bottle of delicious champagne and the biggest smile ever! A big thank you to Parmigiano Reggiano, the London Restaurant Festival and The Dialogue Agency for a great evening!



17 Responses to “A Global Parmigiano Reggiano Award”
  1. Ginger says:

    Congratulations!!!! What a fantastic recognition – I love parmesan so I am impressed!

  2. Congratulations what a fantastic honor and wonderful appetizer. So creative, you are right it’s so risky pairing seafood and cheese but you pulled it off in a big way,

    • petra08 says:

      hi Suzanne
      Thank you so much! Your comments always make my day!
      I think it worked and it was fairly healthy with the avocado, lobster is always a treat! I wanted to re create them for my friends but there hasn’t been any lobster on sale since! x

  3. Hilda says:

    Congratulations on your award! You certainly deserved it with this marvellous little canape.

  4. WOW, congratulations, Petra. This is amazing and I love your recipe idea. How amazing!!! 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Tina

      Thank you so much! I did try it of course and thought it worked really well and I am so glad the judges did as well! 🙂

  5. giramuk's kitchen says:

    CONGRATULATIONS PETRA!!! That is amazing! I would think Lobster and Parmesan would be wonderful together! I do love Parmesan 🙂 I hope you enjoyed that bottle of Champagne – you definitely deserved it! It looks delicious!!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Dini
      The champagne is saved for a while but it makes me smile looking at it! And I am sure it is delicious! Thank you so much I have promised to re create them for my neighbours when I buy lobster next as they have all asked for it! 🙂

  6. flippenblog says:

    Well done! You go girl! Very pretty dish.

  7. kunstkitchen says:

    Congratulations! A reward well deserved for you creativity and food styling.

  8. Congratulations! What a wonderful award, and your entry was so creative. It would be difficult to do something with only three ingredients and you pulled off something exceptional.

    BTW, Laurent-Perrier champagne is delicious, my favorite.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Liz
      Thank you so much 🙂 The three ingredients only was very challenging! Who would have thought?
      The Laurent Perrier is so delicious! 🙂

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