Avocado salad and steak with pasta pesto

I was raised not to play with food but a ripe avocado in the fruit basket seemed like a playful invite. I teamed it with some blue cheese, tomato, herbs and it was a salad talking to me!


I sliced the avocado and brushed it with organic extra olive oil, M got is especially for me on a trip to Spain and it is the best olive oil I have ever tasted! I was aiming for a tricolore but I didn’t have any mozzarella so I used my blue cheese. I scattered the cheese, tomato and chopped herbs on top with a little more of the olive oil, a pinch of sesalt and black sesame seeds. It was very nice but I have to admit it took longer to plate than eat! Saying that it as worth it and playing with food can be a great thing!


The avocado 21Oct_Avocado


Avocado salad21Oct_AvocadoSalad



I love vegetables and lots of them but sometimes my inner carnivore comes out and it is time to have some steak. The butcher has all kinds of cuts you wouldn’t usually get but as per my previous blog, my favourite is the flank steak. It has an amazing flavour and it cooks in a matter of minutes. Every time I see it I have to buy it and this time the lovely butcher had some bavette steak and of course I came out smiling with a nice piece in my shopping bag!


We planted some scotch bonnets in the greenhouse this summer. I nursed them like babies and they grew and grew. I couldn’t wait to try them. Once red they turned out to have all the looks and none of the heat! I was puzzled and not sure what to do with them. In the end I roasted some with garlic and made a roast pepper, garlic and spinach pesto that I mixed with pasta to go with the steak.


I pan fried the steak and finished it off in the oven. It came out nice and seared on the outside and cooked just medium on the inside.




It was just the right amount of pasta for me but there was plenty more for M!




A tomato salad and onion butter finished the dish and we ate all of the steak. Until next time I see some more there is plenty of time to weigh up the red meat with fish and vegetables!



6 Responses to “Avocado salad and steak with pasta pesto”
  1. Ginger says:

    What a brilliant opener!! I love your avocado salad, well worth the risk of being caught red-handed 😉

  2. This looks fantastic, love avocado. Your recipes always sound so good, when can I come for dinner?!

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