Kimchi and tofu chicken

I don’t know about you but I love to go to exotic food shops, browse and then buy some random things, as well as a few things I know. Last week I popped in to a Japanese supermarket in SOHO and got a few things I know, like kimchi and a few things I didn’t know and that I have saved for another day. I had a craving for Asian food and the big tub of kimchi was just the thing. I have to learn how to make my own kimchi one day but for now I buy it in a Japanese supermarket and it tastes great. I wanted to cook something different as I love the tangy kimchi heat and I wanted to cook something that really brought out the flavour.


I had some chicken thighs and I was looking at the chicken and the kimchi and I found this great recipe online. I loved the simplicity and I was curious to try it straight away. I did follow the recipe and I added soy sauce and mirin to increase the flavours and last some tofu. I served it with a mix of rice and quinoa.


First I pan fried the chicken, without any salt or pepper.




I didn’t chop the kimchi at all as I wanted the chunky lettuce to add texture to the dish. I had never cooked kimchi before.




I boiled the rice and the quinoa.


When the chicken was browned I added the soy sauce and the mirin, the kimchi and the chicken stock and simmered for 30 minutes. It was a bit runny so I mixed 2 tsp of corn starch with a little water and added to the sauce. Last I added cubed firm tofu and simmered it for another five minutes before serving.


I fluffed the rice with a fork and added some pomegranate seeds and a sprinkle of black sesame seeds.




It was a fairly quick dinner, the kimchi went a long way and it was delicious with the chicken and the chicken stock. Taste with salt and pepper before serving.




This is a perfect and healthy week night meal. I would have gone for 100% quinoa and M would have gone for 100% rice so this was a good middle ground to go half and half. There was only a little oil for browning the chicken but no other added fat. The kimchi flavour was prominent but slightly mellowed after the cooking, if you are after that kimchi “hit” chop some up and add last minute. Add more kimchi or serve it on the side.




2 Responses to “Kimchi and tofu chicken”
  1. Arielle says:

    Oh wow it looks so delicious ❤

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