Gong Xi Fa Cai, Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

I try to cook different cuisines and test new things. A celebration, such as the Chinese New Year is always a good time to try new things out. Last year I was more ambitious and cooked up a whole buffet. This year I thought perhaps one dish would be enough. There was a Chinese restaurant … Continue reading


Julianna’s delicious Japanese Curry

Sometimes I can see a recipe and it seems to be calling out to me. I always read through the ingredients and then I know if I have to make it or not. Saying that I have a massive pile of printed and saved as pdf files saved of “must cook” recipes. It usually takes … Continue reading

Cod cooked two ways

After having eaten a bit too much meat lately I needed something light. I was in the supermarket and a lady turned around and spoke to me (no one usually does this!) about an offer on the beef. She tried to get me to buy a piece, she wasn’t staff, and when I explained that … Continue reading

Chicken and tofu fajitas

Sometimes, due to my blog, I get questions if I spend pretty much all day every day cooking intricate and complicated dishes.I then have to admit that this is not at all the case. I love slow cooking and will do it every time I can but it is more like once a week or … Continue reading

Brunch with a Burger Bro

Sometimes I eat a meal that is so good I can remember the taste of it years afterwards. It doesn’t happen very often but a Mexican breakfast in Texas was a delicious experience. I went with friends and we ordered a mix of dishes from the menu and shared, one of my favourite ways to … Continue reading

Gravlax sushi with quinoa

The question I get the most when I tell people that I have moved out of London is do I miss it. London is unique and there is something for everyone. I love going food shopping, there is plenty of everything from all corners of the world and the quality is good because there is … Continue reading

An entrepreneur with an appetite for burgers

Before we moved to Kent I did some foodie research about what and where to eat. The always wonderful Victuals & Co is a lovely place for casual but fine dining. I can still remember the taste of beautiful crispy duck with cashew rice, or the smoked salmon dishes, any of them! I liked it … Continue reading

Long and slow cooked, pulled brisket

It has been busy here lately. The little dog was sick but finally on the mend and there has been something going on every day. I didn’t cook much for a few days and I really wanted to slow cook something. I did go through a few options, lamb, pork or beef. A trip to … Continue reading

The soothing effect of a cup of tea

Tea for me is intimately linked with the British. Afternoon tea is a wonderful thing. Tiny sandwiches with the crust cut off, cucumber of course but also egg and watercress. Buttery scones with lashings of clotted cream and jam, delicious pastry and oh yes, a glass of champagne! I had the most amazing afternoon tea … Continue reading

Valentines dinner, prawn mousse with mango and soy

I don’t know how a dish sometimes appear in my thoughts but lately prawn mousse has been on my mind. It might have been a conversation with a friend about seafood and what goes with it. Once the thought appeared I then had to think of how to make it, should I stuff something, dumplings, … Continue reading