An entrepreneur with an appetite for burgers

Before we moved to Kent I did some foodie research about what and where to eat. The always wonderful Victuals & Co is a lovely place for casual but fine dining. I can still remember the taste of beautiful crispy duck with cashew rice, or the smoked salmon dishes, any of them! I liked it so much I asked them and they allowed me to spend half a day with them and it was great, you can see all about it here.


My year in the USA gave me an appetite for all American food such as burgers, coleslaw, corn on the cob, barbecue, ribs and all the trimmings. I love a great burger as much as I dislike a bad burger. It is an art and as it may seem like an easy thing to do there are a lot of factors that makes a burger. Connoisseurs claim that there has to be two kinds of meat and argue about what parts of the cow and in what quantities. Then there is the meat to fat ratio, too little fat and the burger will be dry, too much fat and the burger will be greasy. There is the issue about the bun, it has to be biroche and it has to be able to stand up to the burger and the toppings. I love a few seeds on my buns as well, onion seeds, sesame seeds, I think even poppy seeds would be nice but only small seeds, strange isn’t it? The toppings needs to be fresh and crispy. Who likes limp lettuce or undercooked bacon? On the bacon topic it should be streaky and crispy. You guessed it, I am a fussy burger eater!


During my research about the area I came across The Burger Bros. Another kind of dining experience from Victuals but still just as important to explore. The Burger Bros brings American food to this corner of the UK with hearty burgers, dogs and shakes. The reviews are plentiful and  knew I had to give it a go.


Burger Bros resides in a pub, The Hoy, that is within comfortable walking distance from my house. It is a classic, easygoing English pub where it is always easy to rest your feet over a pint or a glass of wine.

The Burger Bros came about when burger loving Karl went to New York and experienced the burger craze, it was at the beginning of the UK burger explosion. Having just moved to Kent he set about realising his vision and it all started at the Hoy where they still reside.


Karl Karl2-0661


Reading abut the burgers this was a given destination. The Burger Bros resides at various locations and the menu will vary slightly and everywhere shows the American diner experience.


No American dining experience is complete without ribs and the smoker is going on Sundays at the Hoy where they serve up a Sunday rib dinner, a true carnivore competitor of the burger. The smell is enticing, like when your neighbour is barbecuing meat whilst you try to be healthy, tucking in to a salad and all of the sudden you get meat envy.




The nachos have a tex mex influence with salsa, guaccamole and soured cream with a sprinkle of jalapeños. The nachos are big and cheesy and it is a great sharing starter or a perfect snack, if you have it as a snack you might not want to share, just sayin’.




If you are in the pretty town of Canterbury the Burger Bros resides at the Alberry where you can get delicious sliders. Perfect as a lunch time treat, why not with a beer or a glass of wine.


Sliders Sliders4-0529





Two or three sliders are perfect for lunch and a burger with all the trimmings is dinner. Here are a few of the burgers and dogs.


The Big Brother burger IMG_0275


The chicken burgerIMG_0416-A


The vegetarian burgerVegetarianBurger2-0438




No American menu is complete without steak, a New York strip with all the trimmings. Twice fried chips is a great accompaniment and there are of course the milkshakes.









I did go on a burger hunt a while ago, you can read about it here. London has an amazing abundance of options when it comes to any cuisine and it took me a lot longer to find not a good but a great burger. On my quest for that perfect burger I might have hit jackpot straight away, the best burger in Kent? I haven’t tried all of them but if you fancy a burger, keep an eye out for The Burger Bros, great burgers, great dogs, all the sides you would expect and always friendly service!






6 Responses to “An entrepreneur with an appetite for burgers”
  1. kunstkitchen says:

    Your photos make the food look mouthwatering good!

  2. Your pictures are making hungry 🙂 I’m totally craving a burger now, lol

  3. Oh Petra…YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want some please!!! 🙂

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