Brunch with a Burger Bro

Sometimes I eat a meal that is so good I can remember the taste of it years afterwards. It doesn’t happen very often but a Mexican breakfast in Texas was a delicious experience. I went with friends and we ordered a mix of dishes from the menu and shared, one of my favourite ways to eat a meal, foolproof against food envy. I remember the green and the red salsa with huevos rancheros most, the chilli really woke me up, together with the strong coffee and fresh orange juice. It was a perfect way to start the day.


After having tasted the burgers at The Burger Bros I was invited to come and taste the brunch menu. I knew that they had buttery biscuits and delicious home made jam and American inspired food but I wasn’t prepared for quite the treat. It was the first Saturday that the Alberry Wine Bar in Canterbury was open for brunch. Everyone was a bit on their toes at first, would anyone come? They didn’t have to worry for very long before hungry and curious customers started to trickle in.


The dishes kept coming and I have to admit it was hard to stop eating. We covered a range of topics and I also got to know the guys at the Alberry a little. Chatting about all and nothing I took pictures of all of the delicious food. The pictures will speak for themselves but the biscuits are buttery, the pancakes oh so fluffy, the bacon crispy, the guacamole has a nice jalapeño bite and try the cheesy grits!














If you are hungry and in Kent on a Saturday brunch  find The Burger Bros  and I am sure you will find something delicious on the menu. Get a few dishes and share, it is too good not to.




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  1. Wow, this looks insanely good!

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