Chicken and tofu fajitas

Sometimes, due to my blog, I get questions if I spend pretty much all day every day cooking intricate and complicated dishes.I then have to admit that this is not at all the case. I love slow cooking and will do it every time I can but it is more like once a week or so than every day. If I am doing a dish I can prepare quickly and then leave in the oven I can do this when working from home and it might seem like I have spent a lot of time cooking the dish whilst in real time I might just have spent fifteen minutes in total hands on.

Sometimes even that is too long and I just want something quick and easy with a minimum of fuss. Old el Paso asked me to review a few of their products, I have not received any monetary compensation for this and the opinions are my own. Their ready prepared crispy chicken fajita mix seemed like a quick and easy place to start.

It was an oven bake and I was curious to see if the chicken would crisp up like I expected, and I was also curious if it would work with tofu.

It was easy to make, just shake n’ bake.


Coated chicken and tofu 09Feb_Chikcen&Tofu


Whilst that was cooking I opened a jar of hot jalapeños.




I chopped them up and added them to a guacamole and a pineapple and strawberry salsa.


The guacamole  09Feb_Guaccamole


I had some strawberry and pineapple already mixed in the fridge. The strawberries was ever so slightly on the tart and firm side so I thought they would be good in a salsa with the jalapeños.




We ate it with shredded cabbage, soured cream, sweetcorn, grated carrot, onion and pepper. The chicken and the tofu both had a nice and crispy coating, I will add a little salt next time but it was a great quick and easy dinner. I prepared everything whilst the chicken was cooking.I heated the wraps on low heat in the oven just before serving.




I had some ingredients left over the following day and it was perfect for a tortilla breakfast. I did scramble eggs and we ate it on tortilla with smoked mushrooms, salsa, avocado and a drizzle of soured cream.








4 Responses to “Chicken and tofu fajitas”
  1. Omg! This looks sooooo good. This fajita would be loaded with such good flavors coz of the things you have added in the wrap.

  2. varinaj says:

    AMEN to breakfast scrambles. Best use of leftovers, ever.

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