Parma ham wrapped salmon with roasted veg and a cucumber salad

I have been thinking a lot about food, and I have cooked but it has been a little hectic and I now have so much food to share. Spring is officially here, the clocks have changed, it is a little lighter and brighter and I feel the need for lighter foods! I picked up some … Continue reading

One pot beef and carrot stew

Spring arrived, the sun came out and it was nice and warm. I just got used to it and was thinking abut tucking my winter jacket away and then the weather turned. Spring is here but on wobbly legs taking baby steps. If you ask me I am ready for warm weather and even summer. … Continue reading

Very juicy pork chops

I can’t tell you how many times I have set out to make pork chops and they ended up dry and to be honest, quite boring. I have tried various ways of cooking them but I have always ended up ever so slightly disappointed even if they were good. After some experimenting I think I … Continue reading

Enoki and herb island in a dashi broth

As I mentioned in my previous blog I went to see The Alexander McQueen exhibition Savage Beauty at the Victoria & Albert museum last week. Even now, a week later images and impressions from the show keep coming back. It was very powerful and I wondered if I could cook something inspired by all of … Continue reading

Bacon naan and a foodie feast for the eye at Borough Market

I stayed in London after the McQueen exhibition, there was still lots to catch up on with Sarah. We woke up to a sunny but cold London morning. Somehow sunshine always makes the day a little better and we took it easy before heading to Dishoom for breakfast. Dishoom serves Indian street food tapas style … Continue reading

Savage Beauty, cake spotting and a lovely sushi lunch

There is no way back for me now.  I’m going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible. Alexander McQueen   A friend of mine called me to say that she had two tickets to the Alexander McQueen exhibition, Savage Beauty at the V&A Museum and she asked if I wanted to go with … Continue reading

Twice fried Korean inspired Maple glazed chicken and cauliflower

As I was walking down the high street today I couldn’t resist buying a cauliflower. They had so many and they looked so delicious. I didn’t have a plan I just walked in a bought one straight away. If I didn’t want to eat it today I could always eat it tomorrow. I had some … Continue reading

An ode to the steak sandwich

Food is like a lot of things in life, it is not the most complicated dishes that are the best. Sometimes they are but a craving can be for anything, no matter how simplistic. I have a new love in my life and that is a seeded loaf from a bakery, The Bakehouse that is … Continue reading

Salt cured duck egg yolks

One of my friends asked me one day what my favourite ingredient was for cooking. I thought of salt, spices, chilli,garlic and well, where do I start? The question wasn’t all of my favourite ingredients, just the one. After some debating we agreed that life would be tough without eggs. They come in a neat … Continue reading

Black rice noodles

Every now and then I come across something I haven’t eaten before and I get really hooked. Black rice noodles was love at first bite. I try to always keep a stash but they can be hard to get and sometimes they are out of stock. When I find them I try to buy a … Continue reading