An ode to the steak sandwich

Food is like a lot of things in life, it is not the most complicated dishes that are the best. Sometimes they are but a craving can be for anything, no matter how simplistic. I have a new love in my life and that is a seeded loaf from a bakery, The Bakehouse that is only open three days a week. This means that I sometimes miss it, or I come so late they are all sold out.




The seeded loaf is studded with pumpkin and poppy seeds and just delicious. When I buy it fresh I have to have a slice with just butter to enjoy it.






This week I managed to get a loaf (I should have gotten two but hey…) and walking home I wanted a sausage sandwich, one of life’s little pleasures. I stopped by the butchers to get some sausages and when she smiled at me (the butcher) and held up a skirt steak I thought “why sausage when you can have steak”. It was a no brainer. My thoughts went to a friend of mine from Philadelphia and a conversation we had about Philly steak sandwiches. I have never been to Philadelphia but I had the sandwich described in detail, it was a fun conversation.


I trimmed the skirt steak and sliced blue cheese.




I added salt and pepper to the steak and pan fried it. I blanched some broccoli florets and pan fried the bread and melted the cheese whilst the steak was resting.




I added Romaine lettuce, the sliced steak and some creme fraiche that I mixed with chopped jalapeños.




I tossed the broccoli in the steak juices before serving.



That steak sandwich really hit the spot. I have added Philadelphia to my bucket list, I am sure there are more things to do there but a Philly cheese steak sandwich is a priority!





17 Responses to “An ode to the steak sandwich”
  1. Raymond says:

    This one is really mouthwatering :O

  2. This looks amazing!!

  3. I’ve often wondered what a Philly Steak sandwich is, now I know. Also this looks delicious and I’m now starving … Thanks … I think 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Andrew
      well, this is my interpretation,am sure there are divided opinions but it worked 🙂 I have to admit there wasn’t even a crumb hanging around afterwards!

  4. andy says:

    Ohhh mannn !!! I am on the verge of drooling over the keyboard !! ❤

    • petra08 says:

      hi Andy
      ha ha, I am glad you like it! I just got some more of that bread but sadly no skirt steak today… 🙂

  5. Loretta says:

    Just delicious Petra, I can only imagine all the flavors together. It would definitely satisfy my tastebuds 🙂

  6. Petra oh girl I need that sandwich!!! YUM!!! 🙂

  7. milkandbun says:

    What to say – I’m hungry now! 😀 yumyum!

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