Rocky road, raspberry brownies

My second baking challenge from Betty Crocker about easy baking was brownies. Everyone likes brownies and I think most of us have a favourite recipe. I couldn’t resist having a look around my cupboards for additional ingredients to pimp them up a little. I really like the all in one mix and all I add is egg, water and vegetable oil, in this case rapeseed oil so no need for butter and a big shop for baking ingredients. It is all quite neat and the flour doesn’t seem to have that spreading effect it usually has.


This was a chocolate fudge brownie and they looked like this on the packet.




I did figure I could achieve that. A look around the cupboards and the fridge got me mini marshmallows, pecan nuts, Varlhorna chocolate and a punnet or fresh raspberries about to expire. I didn’t want to choose so I thought it would all be nice in a brownie. This is what makes me a terrible baker, I can’t help change just a few things and sometimes it just doesn’t work.


Chop and dry roast a handful of pecan nuts 12April_BrowniePecanNuts


Chop the Varlhorna chocolate 12April_brownieVarlhorna


I think Varlhorna is one of the most amazing chocolates in the world and I always try to use it when I bake, the flavour really stands out.


Follow the instructions on the packet and when the mix is done gently fold in the additional ingredients, is using.




Once all this was done I realised that I didn’t have a brownie baking tin. After a brief panic I decided to use two cake tins. It worked a treat and chocolate smell wafting from the oven around the house was quite irresistible.


Baked brownie 12April_BakedCake


Let the brownie cool and then cut it up in to portions. I made it in to a dessert with a little cream and a raspberry. M thinks that reviewing Betty Crocker easy baking products is great.






I loved the basic flavour and it worked very well with the marshmallows, pecan nuts and raspberries. The little nuggets of additional chocolate was so good and I was pleased how easy it was to make the brownies “your own”. Simply add what you like and it is still delicious and easy to bake. The only mystery is that the marshmallows must have melted, they were nowhere to be seen but it didn’t really matter because it was so good.





6 Responses to “Rocky road, raspberry brownies”
  1. Yum!! Looks brilliant with the nuts and raspberries peeking thru’

  2. Loretta says:

    That chocolate does sound and look irresistible, I’m sure it gave the end product some amazing flavors. I love a fruit n’ nut kind of brownie 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Loretta

      I have to admit I ate more than I should have, the edges had a chewy, lovely texture, prefect with a soft centre! I will make them again! 🙂

  3. Whisked Away says:

    Wow, you have so many fabulous recipes, I feel like I just walked into a five star restaurant! Beautiful photography as well, looking forward to following along your culinary adventures!

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