Seafood tower with tomato and rhubarb salsa

The allotment is finally producing and it is looking great. We only got it in December last year but M has been busy. One of the few edible things on it when we got it is rhubarb. It is so plentiful and this plant is quite sweet with a lovely tang of sour, just enough for me.


Rhubarb 21May_Rhubarb


The currant bush, I am not quite sure what colour but I think it looks like red currants are coming along and will produce a lot of berries.




There is wild fennel growing there, it is so plentiful here and it has an amazing flavour.




I picked some rhubarb and whilst I did it someone was busy pollinating our crop.




I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the beautiful chive flower. They are not just pretty but they are so delicious.




When everything was watered I headed home with the rhubarb and Bok Choy trimmings. I had a craving for seafood, I love the flavour and how light it can be. I did cheat and got crab sticks for some crab stick cakes. I made them just a little while ago and couldn’t resist making them again. They are so quick and easy to make and I think they are delicious. Here is the recipe.


Crab cakes to be cooked. 21May_CrabCake


I bought some scallops on the shell, I just couldn’t resist getting some. Whilst the crab cakes were cooking I stir fried the bok choy trimmings in hot oil and I added salt, crushed garlic, the juice of a lemon and a pinch of salt before plating up.


I also did a quick salsa with the rhubarb


Rhubarb tomato and chilli salsa 

preparation time 5 minutes 

cooking time 0 minutes 

serves 2


  • 1 rhubarb stalk
  • 1 ripe tomato
  • 1 red chilli
  • 1-2 tbsp extra virgin live oil
  • 1 small pinch of sea salt

Cut up the rhubarb and place in a mixer. Mix for a couple of minutes. Remove the core and the seeds from the tomato and cut it in to small cubes.

Mix tomato, rhubarb and the extra virgin olive oil and taste with salt.


Pan fry the scallops and roe, these are so good I just add a hint of salt.Wash the scallop shells if using and add the bok choy, the crab stick cakes and the scallop and roe last. I spooned over the salsa before serving and then we just tucked in.




It did hit my seafood spot and the salsa added a nice zing to the dish. This salsa will come with me to other recipe dishes as well and I am so pleased about the rhubarb plant and to have an allotment again.





8 Responses to “Seafood tower with tomato and rhubarb salsa”
  1. Jenny says:

    I love your photos in this post! I also enjoy using rhubarb. I would like to try this salsa.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Jenny
      Thank you! I am so glad you like the photos 🙂 If you don’t have a spice grinder just chop the rhubarb fine, it is absolutely lovely with tomato! 🙂

  2. J Seaton says:

    Love the presentation. How do you possibly eat them, though? Do they fall apart immediately?

    • petra08 says:

      hi James
      Thank you 🙂
      I have to admit they did fall apart unless you ate them from the top down! Still tasted the same and I took mine apart to get a bite of everything!

  3. What a gorgeous looking dish!! That salsa looks interesting and tasty 😀

    • petra08 says:

      hi Amanda
      Thank you 🙂
      Rhubarb and salsa is my latest favourite flavour combo. My rhubarb is quite sweet in flavour but gives a nice sourness to the soft and sweet tomato! I am sure the salsa would go with many other things!

  4. What a lovely post! Wonderful to see all that you are growing! and that seafood dish looks mouthwatering!!

  5. chefjulianna says:

    Well, it surly looks like spring is in full bloom where you live, Petra! What a delicious post this one is and I love the idea of using rhubarb in salsa! Can’t wait to try this when everyone is giving it away! 😀

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