Fragrant Indian food at Massala Hut

I can’t remember having had Indian food before I moved to London. Thinking back there might have been one Indian restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden when I grew up. Chinese and Thai food was plentiful along with pizzerias. That was as exotic as it got. About ten or so years ago Mexican food was introduced in the shape of ready made taco kits. You get your taco, salsa, guaccamole and possibly re fried beans all neatly packed along with the sachet of spice mix. Buy some mince, chop some veg, grate some cheese and off you go. This has become so popular “taco Fridays” are now an institution.

I got off subject a bit, mainly saying that there wasn’t a lot of diversity when it comes to food and by the time taco Fridays made it’s way to Swedish households I had firmly established myself in London. London is a hot house when it comes to food. I almost dare say that there is everything and plenty of it. Once I discovered this there was no stopping me and Indian food quickly became a favourite. There is a delicate balance of spices and I love to get stuck in to a good curry!


I was delighted to be invited to Massala Hut to review their food. Indian food is deeply rooted in the British culture with the first curry house opening more than two hundred years ago, no wonder the Brits love their curry.


I had never been to Massala Hut before, it is a modern and sleek looking restaurant with discreet Bollywood music in the background. Before entering I saw a picture of the Massala Hut team with Gordon Ramsey in the window, that must surely be a good sign?


The staff is nice and welcoming, helping us through the menu. The only thing I truly had my heart set on was chilli paneer. I love paneer cheese but struggle sometimes to come up with ways of cooking it.


We started with popadoms, a couple to get us going whilst browsing an impressively diverse menu.






There is something so satisfying in the crunch of a popadom, enjoyed with one or more of the sauces and onion salad.


My chilli paneer arrived and it was just as good as anticipated. The chilli gave the dish a nice bite without making it too hot and I could have eaten it as a main course it was so good.


01June_Chilli Paneer


The other starter, chosen by our waiter was a seekh kebab.




I have to admit I have never had any kebab that tasted so good. The word that came to mind was fragrant, there was a very delicate balance of spices that tasted just delicious. We both just loved it and again, could easily have had more of it but with a curry coming it was a perfect starter portion.


One of my mistakes when it comes to eating a curry is to order too much. We opted not to have any side dishes to be able to enjoy our curries.


First to arrive was a classic Chicken Bhuna.




We couldn’t resist sticking our fork in and taste the sauce straight away and it was very flavoursome. I did eat the last of the sauce with the naan bread.


The second curry was a KareliKi Nihari, slowly, slowly cooked tender lamb in a delicious sauce. Yum!




We had some pilau rice on the side. One day I will find out what makes it so colourful!




A peshwari naan made the main course complete. We shared everything and the word that kept coming up was fragrant.




We really enjoyed our meal here, service was great and we were made to feel very welcome. I will come back and the location is great for me. We did try and bottle of Indian wine that was interesting but next time I might go for a wine with a more established origin.


For dessert we went for a kulfi, my friend a pistachio and a mango for myself and it was a perfect ending to a lovely meal.





This place is well worth a visit and the lamb dishes are particularly delicious! I know I will order them again next time I go there together with the peshwari naan to mop up the remains of the sauce!






9 Responses to “Fragrant Indian food at Massala Hut”
  1. I love Indian food it all looks amazing.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Suzanne
      Thank you 🙂 I love it too, I used to live near a brilliant curry house and I have to admit I miss it a lot as it was just around the corner! This was a real treat and made me realise it is time to make a curry again, I need to think of a nice and summery one! 🙂

  2. I am just learning about indian food. Unfortunately the only Indian restaurant i’ve been to, I ordered a very bland dish and of course just said I don’t like Indian food. Now I know that is crazy nonsense and am changing my ways. Great review Petra. If I had access to this place I would visit!

  3. Ginger says:

    I didn’t know you lived in London! How cool is that – I’ll keep that in mind when we have another blogger outing! And if you ever fancy going for a curry in Southall, do give me a call!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Ginger
      Oh I would love to meet up with other food bloggers! And a curry in Southall sounds irresistible! I will send you an e-mail 🙂

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