Pasta with the master Gennaro Contaldo

I have always loved to meet people who are passionate about what they are doing it is incredible. I was delighted to get an invite to a pasta making masterclass with Gennaro Contaldo. I have seen him many times on TV and he even did an episode of Iron Chef! I didn’t get the opportunity to ask him about it but would love to hear more about what it was like, maybe next time.




The invite came from Bertolli for us to taste and see how Bertolli with butter can work. The venue was Food at 52, a London cookery school. The venue was perfect, it is a place totally dedicated to food with a very warm atmosphere.




The big table was packed with beautiful produce.








There were plenty of fresh herbs.









The herbs were used generously and I got so inspired I got a pot of basil from the shop on my way home. Dried herbs are delicious but I love the smell and flavour when they are fresh.


Gennaro has a wonderful passion for food and he showed us how simple food can be so good. He used plenty of Bertolli with butter and olive oil and I have since decided that I won’t shy away from using more butter and oil, it is true that they enchance flavour and makes for a silky smooth sauce.


There was pasta in different shapes and the first dish I tasted was tagliatelle con fungi.


Fresh tagliatelle 09Sept_Tagliatelle


Gennaro cooked a mix of wild mushrooms and had in just a few minutes rustled up a delicious dish.




I love the flavour of fresh pasta and it was all hand made.

The fafalle was cooked with pancetta, peas and mint.


Fafalle pasta 09Sept_Fafalle




They were all classic dishes and it is easy to see/taste why.


Tortellini con ricotta 09Sept_SagePasta


Linguine con aglio e peperoncino09Sept_PastaPommodore



Everything got a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese.



No dish took very long to make and no takeaway in the world would be faster, assuming that the pasta has been made. The flavour you get from home made, fresh pasta makes all the difference. I ate more pasta during this masterclass that I most likely have eaten in the last six months, it was so delicious. Thank you Gennaro, I felt so inspired I did a pasta dough from scratch and I even invited friends to share the pasta with me so fingers crossed it will taste ok!





4 Responses to “Pasta with the master Gennaro Contaldo”
  1. Pasta! I’ve just entered my heaven. Thanks for posting this! The experience you had looks like a great one.

  2. Fresh pasta with simple ingredients is the best!

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