Lunch at Wallet’s Court

It seems I haven’t paid much attention to places around me. The other day I went to lunch at a place down the road that I have to admit I hadn’t even heard about, Wallet Court. When I heard about the lunch I looked it up and it caught my foodie interest.

Parts of Wallet Court dates back to the 13th century and it is grade II listed. Mr & Mrs Oakley bought it in the 70’s and have lovingly restored it room by room. Today it is a restaurant, spa and hotel.

My foodie interest was woken when I read that Mr Oakley used to be head chef for the Roux brothers and he has the impressive title MasterChef (not the TV program). Six months ago they were joined by Chef Michael Fowler who has inspired and brought enthusiasm to the restaurant and I couldn’t wait to try his food.









There was quite a few of us and it was a buffet lunch that started with drinks and a look around. Wallet Court has been beautifully rennovated and there is something interesting everywhere you look.


A trap, I didn’t get too close 16Sept_Trap


Lunch was served and we took our seats in the conservatory. We started with a soup.




The buffet was a nice selection


Welsh rarebit 16Sept_WelshRarebit


Smoked fish beignets13Sept_HaddockBeignet


Salmon 13Sept_Salmon


Sausage rolls16Sept_SausageRoll


There was chocolate mousse with cherries for dessert



And an apple pie and they used the prettiest crab apples



After the dessert we had a look at the adjoining church, again it has a wealth of history and is well worth a visit.




The collection box 16Sept_CollectionBox


Wallet Court is a great part of the region’s past and well worth a visit. Go there, take your time and enjoy some lovely food, stay the night, have a drink in front of the fire and if you want to, visit the church and send a thought to your loved ones past and present.








4 Responses to “Lunch at Wallet’s Court”
  1. We stayed at Wallets Court years ago, had a fabulous meal there….your post has made me want to return!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Poppy
      Oh, we didn’t stay there but it looks amazing and the rooms are very charming! The lunch was delicious and I will go back! 🙂

  2. Everything looks delicious!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Suzanne
      It was a treat, shame the sun wasn’t shining but that is all I can say that wasn’t lovely! Sometimes a bit of history and good food just makes a fab combination! 🙂

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