Blues, cocktails and amazing food in London

It is now almost on the day two years since we moved out of London and down to the coast. It has been a brilliant move, the air is clean, the sea is ever changing and it is the most friendly place I have ever lived. When we first moved I spent as little time … Continue reading


Quinoa and smoked salmon sushi

Sometimes when I leave my hideaway by the coast and head to London I get an overwhelming urge to eat sushi. I think it might be due to two reasons, it is not available here and it makes a perfect lunch. I sometimes make sushi myself but am very far from the masters and well, … Continue reading

Scallop with kumaquat marmalade

It is scallop season, can you tell? No matter what I go to the fishmongers for I can never resist fresh, local scallops. They are caught in the bay nearby and smooth like butter. I even get out of bed early on Saturdays as he sells out quickly. This Saturday I had guests coming for … Continue reading

Brined, braised and glazed, beef shortribs

Lately we had the kind of cold that gets to your bones. I can’t motivate myself at all to go out for a run and I can’t stop thinking about warm, slow cooked melt in your mouth food. I ordered some beef short ribs from the Black Pig Butchers and couldn’t wait to pick them … Continue reading

Scallops on blini with roe and citrus vinegar

The weather has been quite violent lately. Not only is it cold, storms have been sweeping by, letting out a violent song and dancing around the house at night and tugging and pulling at trees and anything loose. The winds were so strong they even slowed down the trains but luckily they didn’t hang around for … Continue reading

Happy Valentines brunch with beetroot and almond waffles

Valentines is here again. The card industry celebrates another occasion to sell cards, this time lots of red and pink with incredibly cute hearts and teddy bears in them. I didn’t really have time to think about this until it was the day before. I didn’t have a card, don’t even think about a present and … Continue reading

Quick cured, pan fried cod with sauce verte

Sometimes I find an ingredient and I know I want to cook something with it. I came across this lettuce and I knew I had to make something. It was nestled amongst some half wilted specimens so I could only get one and it was too tempting to leave behind.     I wanted to … Continue reading

Roast pork with apple and blackpudding crumble

When I was young I had terrible hayfever. A hint of green on the trees at spring would set me of sneezing and sneezing and I mainly feelt like sleeping because sneezing is exhausting business. With the hay fever came an allergy to most fruits and it started with apples. I have avoided apples for … Continue reading

Brilliant savarin and Bramley apple cheesecake

The first time I came across cheese cake was when I was seventeen and went to the USA. I don’t know why I had never come across this before but my love of cheese and not very sweet tooth loved this cake. The first one I tried was a classic with cherry jam and a … Continue reading

Squid ink and black garlic tapioca risotto

The fishmonger had squid ink in little sachets and ever since I spotted them I have been thinking of what to make. Black can be a bit of a strange colour for food but I thought a risotto might be nice. I didn’t have a recipe so this would be a bit experimental. My other purchase … Continue reading