Scallops on blini with roe and citrus vinegar

The weather has been quite violent lately. Not only is it cold, storms have been sweeping by, letting out a violent song and dancing around the house at night and tugging and pulling at trees and anything loose. The winds were so strong they even slowed down the trains but luckily they didn’t hang around for too long,


To keep myself motivated I decided to kick off the Valentines weekend with a treat and started to think of the different things I could do. In the end a visit to the fishmonger sorted it out. He had fresh, local scallops. These scallops, I don’t know if it is because they are so fresh but they taste amazing. They are sweet and succulent and are best pan fried and slightly caramelised in butter. Once that is done just eat and enjoy.





I bought some and decided to make some canapés, pour a glass of wine (or two) and enjoy the weekend. I didn’t make the blinis, I had a pack in the fridge that I was unable to resist buying and some salmon roe. Some golden enoki mushrooms caught my eye and I thought they would be a nice addition.




This wasn’t very complicated but it hit my canapé spot and I could have eaten many more of them.


Scallops on blini with salmon roe 

preparation time 5 minutes 

cooking time 3 minutes 

serves 2 as a starter 


  • 4 scallops, I used scallops with roe
  • salmon roe
  • 1 tbsp chopped chives
  • some enoki mushrooms
  • 8 blini
  • butter for pan frying
  • citrus vinegar

Clean the scallops and chop the chives. Heat the blinis and pan fry the scallops, one and a half minute on each side in a hot pan. Cut the scallop in half and place one slice on the blini. Add the salmon roe , enoki mushrooms and chives, Last drizzle over some citrus vinegar and serve.






Pour glass of wine and take a bite out of one of these and enjoy the smooth scallop, the bite of the roe and the added slight sharpness of the citrus vinegar. The enoki mushrooms added a hint of flavour and I added raw, thinly sliced broccoli for flavour and texture.


I did this the day before Valentines as a little treat but when I got to the office on Tuesday there was possibly the best Valentines present waiting for me, well for everyone in the office of course. One of our media partners sent us virtually a whole sweet shop with candy bags and a even a scoop! I ate my weekly fill of sugar for breakfast but what a treat!



For someone who don’t celebrate Valentines I seem to have done quite well this yea. How was your Valentine?














9 Responses to “Scallops on blini with roe and citrus vinegar”
  1. lizellyn says:

    My lunch looks incredibly boring now that I’ve seen your post.

  2. tentimestea says:

    This is stunning Petra! I want to wear it as a brooch! Or a hairpin! (Most of all, I just want to eat it!)

  3. Sabrina says:

    Gorgeous dish! Loving all of your recipes!

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