Lunch French style

We have some cold days, some wet days but there has been a couple of very spring like days with gorgeous sunshine and it has been warm in the sun. If the winds would just stop it would have been quite sensational. This time of the year I always feel a bit impatient, I can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive, wash the garden furniture and eat outside. I think I need to be a little bit more patient but on one of the gorgeous days we did a day trip to France. We left the white cliffs of Dover behind and headed for Calais.




The sun stayed with us and we did a short walk around Calais, lunch time was looming and I couldn’t wait.




We didn’t see much and I have to come back and take more pictures of Calais itself, the city hall is a beautiful and quite unique building but I am saving that for another time.


We had lunch at a restaurant that is on a square where a large sculpture of Mr and Mrs Charles DeGaulle stands proud by a fountain.







The square is modern, not very pretty but full of French bistros. Our friends, who we went with, have been many times before took us to Au Coq d’Or. The restaurant is very charming and the smells lingering out through the doors were very inviting.






They had different menus, available in both French and English. I did study French for some time in school but I did the mistake of not going to France whilst studying so it is quite poor but I love to give it a go. This made me stay on the French part of the menu, trying to remember what everything was.

The first thing I got right was a glass of kir royal, a lovely way to celebrate our mini break.




The starter was seafood with mayonnaise and freshly baked baguette, we ate most of it before I even thought of taking a picture but it was brown shrimp, just delicious.




No one ordered the same dish.


Pate de Ardennes 17Feb_PateArdennes


Coquilles St Jaques 17Feb_CoquillesStJacques


Coq au vin17Feb_CoqAuVin


Bavette steak 17Feb_Bavette


Blanquette de veau 17Feb_BlanketteDeVeau


Steak 17Feb_Steak


We didn’t go for cheese for dessert but something called Cafe Gourmande, a shot of espresso served with a selection of desserts, each so small it was just perfect.




It would have been a shame not to have enjoyed some French wine and this came served slightly chilled and very delicious.




I have to admit I had a slight food coma after this, but I perked up to get some produce before heading back home, wine, saucisson and my favourite, a selection of cheeses! I will go again when it gets warmer for another great day out.






10 Responses to “Lunch French style”
  1. kunstkitchen says:

    It looks like a lot of fabulous food!

  2. heenie says:

    Wow! Superb food.

    • petra08 says:

      HI Heenie
      Thank you, it was a great day and brilliant to be able to do a short trip and still get so much done! 🙂

  3. Each dish looks delicious, looks like a lovely lovely day with some great food. Very nice.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Suzanne
      Thank you. It was a great day and even the short ferry ride made the whole day feel like going away! 🙂

  4. What a great day out!!

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