A taste of the Caribbean

Caribbean beef patties

I was trying to figure out where the most of my influence comes from when it comes to cooking but I think it is a bit of everything and everywhere. Saying that I have very little knowledge about the Caribbean cuisine besides jerk chicken and scotch bonnets.


By coincidence I met Ray who has a genuine Caribbean foodie heritage. Ray is a food entrepreneur with plenty of ideas and projects. It was so nice to meet him and to have a proper foodie discussion.

It turned out that Ray does a pop up on Sundays at Arttzan on the strand in Walmer. Arttzan has undergone a complete transformation and it is now a cafe and bar with quirky, lovely, details and also offering a great pop up.


Tea junction sign


Flowers on each table


glass shelf



Don’t miss out on their Sunday barbecue with Caribbean influence.


Arttzan Sunday bbq sign


When Ray told me he was cooking a taste of the Caribbean as a special I couldn’t wait to try and learn more about Caribbean foods.


We got there just on time and what better way to start a Caribbean evening than with some rum punch?


rum punch at Arttzan


snacks and Caribbean menu


I wasn’t sure what to expect and the first dish was a sweet corn salad. It had a great balance between hot and sweet with the sweetcorn and notes of lime.


Caribbean sweetcorn salad


The second dish was Caribbean patties. I had never tried, or even heard of them before I met Ray. They look a little like South American empanadas but the dough is lighter. We had a couple each but Ray already has 16 different fillings available and he is all set up for catering at festivals and events. The patties are the perfect size and I would be happy to tuck in to a big plate of them.


Caribbean beef patty Caribbean beef patties


Caribbean vegetarian patty

Caribbean vegetarian patty


The patties comes with festivals. The festivals taste slightly like churros, are very crispy and quite sweet, perfect dipped in Ray’s banana ketchup!


Caribbean festivals


After this we had a little break. The rum punch came in pitchers and I have to admit that we managed to get through a few of them.


The next dish was a surprise, mac & cheese with corn bread. The mac&cheese had pickled chillies and I loved the flavour with the slightly sweet corn bread.


Caribbean mac & cheese with corn bread


Next was jerk chicken with an Ackee and Calaloo fritter. The jerk chicken was the lightest jerk chicken I have ever tasted. When I have tried jerk chicken before it has always been a little bit on the heavy side but this was quite an experience and how this jerk sauce is made, and why it is so different will remains Ray’s secret but I am so happy to have experienced it!


jerk chicken with an ackee and calaloo fritter


After the chicken and another pause I started to feel quite full. I tasted the pork but I sadly have to admit I didn’t do it justice  but it was very nice.


Just when I thought I couldn’t eat anything more, perhaps for a few days, darkness settled and the candles were lit, I couldn’t believe the evening went so fast.




The dessert was a trio, I can’t remember the first name, it was a biscuit with what tasted like a banana and chocolate filling and chilli jam, a key lime pie with a great lime flavour and a fruit salad that was absolutely delicious.


a trio of Caribbean desserts


It was a great evening, time rushed by and we were so well looked after and spoilt with fantastic Caribbean food and not to forget the rum punch. The food had a bite but it was a nice heat and I could taste the scotch bonnets but they didn’t overpower the dish. I went to bed with a smile on my face and the whole evening was just as much about friends as food and enjoying the positive and lovely atmosphere.






4 Responses to “A taste of the Caribbean”
  1. Talia says:

    Yes! Eating in the Caribbean is my absolute favorite! So much yummy flavors, and can’t forget all the rum!


  2. Anika J says:

    16 fillings!! I want to try them all. I had Cuban food when I was in Toronto for my birthday/work two years ago and it was outstanding. My favourite dish was something they did with sweet potato. My word. It was insanely good.


    • petra08 says:

      hi Anika
      I am with you on tasting all of the 16 fillings! The 5 I have tasted so far are all delicious 🙂 xx

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