A day in Margate and lunch at The Ambrette

dosai at the ambrette, Margate

What do you do when you have a whole day to do anything you like? I didn’t want to stray too far from home but wanted to go somewhere. In the end we decided to go to Margate. We did the same thing last year and we figured doing it two years on a row is a bit of a tradition. You can read all about it here.


Margate is a mixed place, very up and coming with the beautiful Sands Hotel, the sandy beach that is beautiful, the Turner Contemporary, a lovely but small old town and then some rough edges in an eclectic mix.

Last time I didn’t look up any restaurants and we ended up in Yama’s Thai, a cafe/eatery. This year I got the suggestion to go to Ambrette, a contemporary Indian restaurant.


The restaurant hides behind a modest looking door.


The Ambrette Margate


Just as we got inside the rain started to trickle down outside and we got a warm welcome and were seated straight away.

We looked at the menu and whilst discussing over a beer we got an amouse bouche, a small but perfect sized trio of Indian flavours.


amuse bouche at The Ambrette Margate


Once the food was ordered we sat back and talked about everything and nothing, enjoying the day off.


The first starter to arrive was the Mushroom samosa


mushroom samosa at The Ambrette Margate


This was quickly followed by my Dosai, with gently spiced potatoes, mustard and onions.


dosai at the ambrette, Margate


The Dosai was delicious and it complimented the potatoes and the lentils. The mushroom samosa had a nice mushroom flavour and the dosai were delicious with the spiced potato filling.


We had a bit of a break before the main course. I love to cook pork belly but I can never resist ordering it in a restaurant. We both went for belly of Kentish pork. If there was one thing I could eat without gaining weight it would be pork crackling. I just love the crackling sound and the salty taste, somehow it is incredibly satisfying and this time was no different.


kentish pork belly at The Ambrette Margate


As much as I loved the spiced dauphinoise potatoes, and the home made gravy I would easily have settled for the pickled apple  and the pork belly. The apple was crunchy and offered a perfect acidity to cut through the rich, pork belly meat.


We got a side dish of cauliflower and I have to admit there was nothing left when we were done. The spices were subtle but distinctive and it has the perfect crunch.


cauliflower at The Ambrette Margate


No matter h0w much we wanted to there was no room for a dessert, not even a coffee! It was a lovely meal, the food was delicious and the service spot on, we will absolutely go back.

Happy and full after our lunch we went for a walk on the beach, it was a grey day but the light was beautiful. We needed to walk some food off.





Margate has some true gems and this cafe caught my eye, a soul cafe sounds interesting. The old town has a lot of interesting and quirky shops to entertain you.


Olby's soul cafe Margate


After the walk there was finally a little room to eat something else and I had to have salted caramel ice cream with candied pistachios, it was just as good as it sounded!


salted caramel ice cream with candied pistactios


I ate my ice cream, and had some strong coffee to avoid complete food coma. Margate is a lovely place for a mini break and it was great to see that several of the houses facing the beach are undergoing renovation. It is up and coming and with that beach it is a sweet spot on the Kent coast.









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