Flavour, flavour, flavour at the Smoking Goat, Soho

trio of curries from The Smoking Goat

The Smoking Goat in London’s Soho is a restaurant devoted to authentic Thai street food. Space is limited so get there early, or late to make sure you get in. The kitchen is tiny but the food that comes out of it is amazing.

I heard about this about a year ago through Chef Sebby Holmes, who worked there as a head chef and helped launch the restaurant. Chef Holmes has since moved and has launched Farang London, watch this space!


The Smoking Goat is still there and I finally went with friends. They had been there several times before as overqualified foodies so I sat back and let them do the ordering.

All the dishes were sharing dishes and as I was with two guys it was meat heavy but what meats!


The first dish was Fish Sauce wings. Crispy, sticky chicken wings with the unmistakable aromas of fish sauce.


Fish Sauce Wings at the Smoking Goat


The chicken wings was so full of flavour and I could have eaten lots more of  them.


If I remember correctly we were discussing where you can find the best burgers in London. You might know but there was a burger explosion a few years ago and I think we all went off on a search for the perfect beef pattie in the perfect bun. All this whilst munching on Thai street food. That is sort of fusion in itself.


There was a Northern Som Tam, a Spicy Green Papaya Salad.


Northern Som Tam at the Smoking Goat


It was fresh and crunchy but didn’t quite pack that chilli punch I thought would be there but it was still delicious.


The following dishes were meat, it was like a buffet of meats but so delicious I didn’t notice until afterwards when I felt like I had a bit of a delightful food coma.


Smoked lamb ribs with gapi glaze & pickles


Smoking Goat Smoked Lamb Ribs with gapi glaze & pickles


This dish is loaded with flavour and I would say don’t miss out! I will always have room for this one.


Barbecue Chiang Mai pork belly with pickles


Barbecue Chiang Mai Pork Belly with pickles at the Smoking Goat


I loved the garlic and chilli with the barbecue pork.


The star dish for me was barbecue aged beef shortrib with massaman & pickles


Barbecue Aged Beef Shortrib with massaman & pickles at the Smoking Goat


The beef was so soft I would have eaten it with a spoon. The massaman was full of perfectly balanced spices and flavours. I actually couldn’t wait to go home and see if  I could re create this dish! It is a blog to come for sure.


We covered a range of topics having agreed that when in London, the ultimate burger and bun can be had  in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Bar Bouloud. There was a lot of talk about food, some about business, programmatic advertising – pros and cons, favourite ingredients and the wonders of life in general. It was a lovely lunch and I fell in love with a massaman curry!








5 Responses to “Flavour, flavour, flavour at the Smoking Goat, Soho”
  1. Each dish looks amazing Petra. I could happily eat there.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Suzanne
      I am sure you would have loved it, it is a bit different and everything was just loaded with flavours and textures! I can’t wait to go back and I keep wondering why it took me so long to go in the first place! 🙂

  2. Wow Petra – I especially love the look of those lamb ribs!

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