A very London foodie day

Tuna maki roll at Roka

Last week I went to London twice, this is a lot for me . I know I have said it before but I do miss shopping for food and eating in London. The variety and the quality is just amazing, pretty much no matter what kind of food you are in the mood for.


An amazing thing abut living here is that there is no Italian restaurant. There is usually one in every town so I decided to bring pizzettas to the market. I came across them when I was in Italy. Every town, no matter how small would have at least one shop where you can buy fresh, and dried pasta, condiments and also a pizzetta to snack on. A pizzetta is like a small pizza, thin crust, possible to fold up and eat without making a mess and it was sold cold.

Before coming across these I had only encountered cold pizza in the USA. I was not convinced by them for breakfast or otherwise I have to admit. This was another kind of pizza, the crust was thick, it was loaded with toppings, slightly soggy and it had congealed fat on the top. An Italian pizzetta is light but full of flavor and as delicious cold as warm.


I hadn’t brought pizzettas to the market before and made two with (fairly) traditional toppings. Potato and rosemary with feta cheese and the second topping was courgette, chilli and mint with feta cheese.




I decided to use feta cheese as it is delicious hot or cold and there would be no congealed fat on the top, can you tell that I was not a fan?! These are a world of difference and I couldn’t stop munching on them myself.

I will bring them for a few weeks and see what happens as you can of course also take them home and heat them up in the oven.


I am bringing this up as I meet with one of my most foodie friends on Sunday and we had a whole afternoon set aside to catch up on life and to talk about our favorite topic, food.

We met at noon in the bar of the Charlotte Street Hotel. My then hungover friend had a G&T and I settled for a double espresso to get going. We went through the various places we could eat and pretty much like every time we decided to graze our way around, having a bite in different restaurants.


The first place we went to was Roka for a hit of sushi.


Roka London


My all time favorite sushi is salmon sashimi, I could eat it every day of the year and this didn’t disappoint.


Salmon sashimi


We had a tuna maki roll and it was like a lovely tuna maki roll but better.


tuna maki roll at Roka London

Tuna maki roll at Roka


Last we couldn’t resist some prawn tempura, cooked to perfection.


Prawn tempura at Roka London


A crisp white wine went very well with the food and we didn’t stop talking.

I could easily have stayed longer and eat more but with so much choice of where to eat why settle for one?


We caught the end of a market, it was a shame that some stalls had already packed up but my friend got some delicious goats cheese that he managed to sneak in to my bag! I bought an absolutely beautiful garlic. Sometimes I get excited about the smallest things.


fresh garlic


We had a peak in at the Ginger Pig on Moxton Street. It is a beautiful butchers shop that also sells some ready made food. One of the foods they sell is Chicken Kiev. This sparked a debate if making Chicken Kiev from scratch or not is worth while. We were still discussing when we entered La Fromagerie.


The first thing that caught my eye was a flat basket filled with beautiful baby artichokes.




They were so vibrant I had to take a photo and refrain myself from buying a big bunch of them.


Our next stop was Iberica for Spanish tapas. We settled by the bar and whilst talking about food got talking about my market stall and what the next step could be. I love a good brainstorming and we were not short of ideas.


We exchanged ideas over a couple of tapas.


Fried squid fried squid


Jamon Jamon


The more white wine and cava we had the more the ideas flowed. It was a lovely, foodie afternoon in London.











29 Responses to “A very London foodie day”
  1. Wow Petra – makes me sad that I lived within an hour of London for several years and didn’t even scratch the surface of London’s foodie delights 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Laura
      make a weekend out of it! There is so much it is impossible to do it in one day, less so an afternoon but it is never boring 🙂
      I love to go up there for the food but living in Kent I feel closer to the produce, a charm of it’s own 🙂
      have a great week ahead!

  2. london is one my fav cities too and yes what a place for foodies 🙂 everything looks great..

  3. Sounds like just the sort of day I too would love!

  4. And this video is pretty cool too : http://www.agrodolce.it/ricette/pizza-teglia/ In Italy it is very common to use brewers yeast, you can substitute with dried yeast

    • petra08 says:

      hi Jo
      Oh you are making me hungry now! They all look amazing! Am just thinking of this weeks toppings! 🙂

  5. The prawn tempura looks amazing 👅

  6. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing your foodie day!!

  7. Your pizzettas look lovely, I hope they were a success 🙂

  8. Mackenzie says:

    This all looks amazing- I can hardly stand it!!! THAT SUSHI!!

  9. Brittsworld says:

    I will never get bored in London! isn’t it amazing! so many delicious places to eat!

  10. foodbites says:

    Sounds you had a nice food adventure! Shame you missed out on the robatayaki at Roka, personally i find its better than their sushi

    • petra08 says:

      I love all the food in London. i must try their robatayaki next time! Salmon sashimi is my favorite and I can never resist it. Perhaps I should go for both! Thank you for the tip! 🙂

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