Smoked duck breast with a rhubarb vinaigrette

smoked duck breast with rhubarb vinaigrette

We had planned a barbecue the other day using the smoker. We seem to have stocked up on meat and veg but I couldn’t resist getting a duck breast as well. It tastes so good when smoked and it goes so well with the rhubarb.


A duck breast is ideal for the smoker. It doesn’t take long to cook and it takes on the smokey flavor beautifully. I have done this dish before, here I have tweaked the rhubarb vinaigrette. One duck breast per person is plenty and this is a perfect last minute impressive dinner for guests as well as for a night in. If served as a main course I would serve it with rice or new potatoes. Here I sliced the duck and served it as a pre starter and it was enough for five.


Mix the vinaigrette first for the flavors to come together.


Rhubarb vinaigrette

preparation time 5 minutes 

cooking time 0 minutes 

serves 4


  • 1 rhubarb stalk, cut fine
  • 1 red onion, cut fine
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 1/2 tsp mustard , I used French mustard as this is all I had at home
  • 1 tsp runny honey
  • salt & pepper

Cut the rhubarb and onion as fine as you can. Mix with the lime juice, the mustard and honey. Taste with salt and pepper and let stand until you are ready to plate.


We had the smoker going so it was perfect to just add the duck. If you don’t have a smoker available just place the duck in the oven at 150C or 302F.


Score the skin of the duck and add a little salt. Place skin side down in a cold pan and turn the heat on. The fat will start to render and don’t add any more. You can save the rendered fat for other dishes.

Once the skin is browned and has crisped up turn the duck skin side up and add the whole pan to the smoker or oven for 12 minutes.


smoked breast of duck


smoked breast of duck


Let the duck rest for about 15 minutes, slice thinly.

Add the rhubarb vinaigrette and serve.


smoked duck breast with rhubarb vinaigrette


The rhubarb vinaigrette packs a great flavor punch and the light smokiness of the smooth breast of duck.

I have tried the rhubarb vinaigrette with pork and fish and it is very versatile. It is has a lovely flavor of summer.


I am bringing this to Angie’s Fiesta Friday. Co hosts this week are Monika, Everyday Healthy Recipes, and Juhls, The Not So Creative Cook. Come and join us, check out some amazing blogs and just enjoy summer!










7 Responses to “Smoked duck breast with a rhubarb vinaigrette”
  1. Your vinaigrette sounds amazing Petra – I didn’t realise rhubarb could be used raw….

  2. Monika says:

    A super creative and delicious looking recipe, as usual:) Thank you for sharing with FF!

  3. Jhuls says:

    Wow! The dish looks fabulous, Petra! Thanks for sharing this at Fiesta Friday party!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Juhls
      I am glad you like it and thank you for your kind comment! Thank you also for co hosting the fab FF! 🙂

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