Food inspired by the Barbary coast

The Barbary Neal's Yard Covent Garden

Every now and then a restaurant opens in London and I just know I want to go there. It has nothing to do with fancy food or being expensive, it is about flavor. When The Barbary opened I knew I wanted to go there and try the food.

The Barbary coast covers Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. The food at The Barbary stretches a bit further with influences all the way to Israel. My knowledge about food from this region is quite limited but the menu sounded too interesting to ignore.

I have tried to go there a few times, sometimes during rush hour so impossible to get in. There are only 24 covers and you sit around a u shaped bar.


The Barbary


The food is cooked in the middle, there is a clay oven and a lot of the food is cooked on open fire.


The Barbary


We arrived for a late lunch after an unexpectedly long train journey and were starving. As we sat down a naan bread was served to the diners next to us and we just had to have some of that. Don’t miss these if you are there, thin, crispy, freshly baked in the clay oven, they are irresistible. They are also perfect for mopping up sauces and oils that comes with the food.


I sipped a sizable G&T whilst looking through the menu.


gin and tonic


The naan bread went down a treat especially with the beetroot and labneh. Unfortunately we were so hungry I forgot to take a picture. I did pull myself together and managed to remember just in time for the Zhug, Harissa and burnt and pickled chilli.


zhug, harissa, burnt and pickled chilli at the Barbary


The Zhug, a Yemenite kind of hot sauce, was so smooth and had just the perfect heat. I dipped my naan bread, mixed and matched and enjoyed the chilli.


The menu is divided by A-LA-ESH, and from Land we ordered lamb cutlets. I was tempted by the pata negra neck but as we both love lamb cutlets I went for them. They were perfectly seared with a lovely pink middle.


Lamb Cutlets at The Barbary


Going further to Sea, I couldn’t resist the Black Salmon Dukkah.


Black Salmon Dukkah


Salmon is one of my favorite fish this did not disappoint. We had to order another naan bread to soak up the juices and Dukkah, it was so delicious. I liked it so much I decided to make my own Black Salmon Dukkah at home as The Barbary is just a little bit too far away, otherwise I would be there very often.


I really wanted to try the whole menu but there is only so much I can eat. Cauliflower Jaffa Style had to be ordered as the name sounds irresistible.


Cauliflower Jaffa Style


The cauliflower had just the right bite and the right crispiness. The dish is simply delicious.


Red wine was a perfect choice with the explosion of flavors.


Red wine


The staff is incredible, they move in the smallest of spaces and are never short of advice or just a chat once the service was winding down.

We didn’t intend to have a dessert but the desserts go under Heaven and the Knafeh sounded divine.


Knafneh at the Barbary


It was even better than anticipated, crispy pastry, soaked in syrup with melted mozzarella inside, pistachio nuts and perfectly ripe raspberries was the way to end a lovely meal. A glass of ice cold Arrak and a strong coffee finished a meal that I actually didn’t want to end.




I will absolutely come back again and again. If you are nearby don’t miss this place. This is when I miss London so much, the food available is amazing and such a treat.


The Barbary


No meal in London is perfect without a pint in M’s favorite pub, the iconic Lamb and Flag.


The Lamb and Flag Covent Garden


No matter if you prefer a wine bar, some shopping, browsing or a pint, London has something for everyone in abundance.











6 Responses to “Food inspired by the Barbary coast”
  1. mistimaan says:

    Nicely explained with good pictures 🙂

  2. Yum Petra looks amazing especially the cauliflower Jaffa style!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Laura
      I really didn’t want the meal to end! 🙂 Everything was so good and so many dishes so tempting!
      Happy Weekend!

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