Food and friendship


Every now and then you come across someone that you just click with. A few years ago I met someone who became a very close friend. We bonded over our love of good food and as we ate our way through delicious dinners and realized we had lots in common.

Over the years we didn’t meet as often but somehow it doesn’t matter how much time passes, we always have tons to talk about. This time we met at lunchtime and decided to give ourselves the ultimate luxury, plenty of time.


We met at Comptoir Libanaise for a wonderful fix of Lebanese food. We had dinner planned so we decided to go for a light lunch.

The menu is beautiful, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it.


Comptoir Libanaise


We ordered a vegetarian mezze platter for two. It sounded so good and I love options. It had Baba ghanuj, hommos, tabbouleh, falafel, freekeh salad, grilled halloumi, pickles & warm pita bread.


mezze platter


mezze platter at Comptoir Libanais




Everything was so good. I was slightly tired from having stayed up a little too long the night before and this was just what I needed.

As I tried the different dishes the Baba ghanuj stood out. It was simply the most amazing Baba ghanuj I have ever tasted. I haven’t eaten enough Baba ghanuj to say why this is different, perhaps it is the tahini, or if the balance of flavors was perfect, the aubergines roasted to perfection. All I knew as I was leaving was that I need to get some aubergines and I would be happy if I can make a Baba ghanuj that tastes even half as good!


We hadn’t met in four years so there was a lot to catch up on.


After the lunch we crossed the road and went to the V&A Museum to have a browse around. We didn’t have an exhibition in mind so just browsed and talked. At one point my friend made me laugh so loud it might have echoed across several halls. I did apologize to museum visitors next to me.


There was an exhibition about Buddhism and it was very calming and beautiful. This Buddha caught my eye, shiny in it’s bronze coating and so lovely to look at.




A coffee later and I have to admit we were ready to eat again.

We both love food from all over the world and this time we headed for Chinese food at Hakkasan, needless to say we talked all the way there.


We opted for the Taste of Hakkasan menu. I couldn’t resist taking photos, the light wasn’t ideal but I wanted to share them.

We started with a lychee martini. By this time of the day we had almost caught up on what we had been up to and we just begun to talk about what is going on now, in our personal lives as well as the world.

For starter we had the dim sum selections.

Dim Sum selection with Szechuan Salad and the vegetarian Dim Sum selection with Szechuan Salad


Dim sum at Hakkasan


Main course was grilled Chilean Seabass in honey and Tofu, Aubergine and Japanese mushrooms in a claypot.



The dishes were both delicious. Chilean seabass is always a favorite, the meat is super white and the taste is almost sweet, it is simply delicious. The seabass worked very well with honey. The tofu clay pot was very different in flavor, more earthy with soft tofu and aubergine and lovely texture of mushroom. It made me think I should eat tofu more often.


We drank a Turkish wine, recommended by the sommelier. I am not sure if I have had Turkish wine before and I know I have never had it with Chinese food. The wine was light and a great match to the food.


By now we had been talking, pretty much non stop for about eight hours and we realized that there was no way we would run out of topics, we would most likely need another day or so at least.


For dessert we had a Jivara Bomb and Chocolate and Orange delice. I couldn’t do the desserts justice but wanted to share them as they were so good. The chocolate and orange delice was my favorite.



I had to catch the last train home but there was time for one more drink. It was a fantastic day, good food, beautiful surroundings and plenty, even if not enough, time. We covered so much ground and I came home feeling re charged and full of ideas. Thank you for coming to see me and let’s not wait four more years until next time!










11 Responses to “Food and friendship”
  1. mistimaan says:

    Loved the post

  2. Lovely to read Petra and reminds me I must experiment more with veggie Lebanese dishes!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Laura
      Thank you! I have to admit I can’t make a Baba ghanuj that is even close to theirs, let me know if you gave a good recipe 🙂 I love Lebanese food and so many different vegetarian dishes! 🙂

  3. Love! That’s a sweet story!

  4. What cool insights 🙂
    Please check out my blog on vegetarianism and veganism in Chinese food in Canada:

  5. foodrage92 says:

    Love the post , food looks delicious 😋

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