Bavette steak with celeriac and spinach

Bavette steak dish

We have now had little Libby for five months and it is amazing how well she just fitted in and instantly became a natural part of our family.




She has more than doubled in size and tripled in weight. It hasn’t been completely without hickups, there was that sweater that she chewed holes in, my shoes, a pair of glasses and she loves the arrival of the postman who so generously just throws in lots of fun paper things to chew on!

I wish I woke up with her energy, after a few cuddles it is time to get up, run down the stairs and outside. Then pick up a toy or two and play for a while whilst the rest of us struggle to open our eyes. The morning walk is great as she can meet up with her friends and have a good run around. The walk along the golf course sometimes offers the opportunity to pick up the odd golf ball as well.

This is followed by breakfast, play time, a nap, another walk, playtime and finally wind down time with her favourite friend in the world.




We were so lucky to find her and I have to admit she fills me with wonder. I wonder why I can’t wake up and just bounce out of bed, run like a lunatic and think it is the best thing in the world, why I am more of a walker than a runner, and sleep whenever I feel the urge and how Libby can be so utterly adorable.


What I do like about my life is that I can choose what to have for dinner. I haven’t had steak in quite a while and the Black Pig Butchers had some bavette that I couldn’t resist.

I stopped by the greengrocers on the way home and picked up a celeriac to go with the steak.




Steak makes for a quick dinner. I peeled and cubed the celeriac. I pan fried the steak and wrapped it in tin foil to rest until I was ready to cut it up and serve.


Bavette steak


I heated oil in and pan fried the celeriac cubes with salt and pepper until it was soft.


I mixed some butter with white miso, wilted some spinach and served with the steak, kimchi and a sprinkle of Urfa Biber, I got a sample from the Spice Kitchen UK. I had never tried Urfa Biber, a dried Turkish chilli before.


Urfa Biber


I tried it and I knew it would go with pretty much anything, even the kimchi. I did sprinkle some on the miso butter.


Bavette steak dish


There was a lot of flavors and they worked so well together.

The Urfa Biber had a mild, slightly smokey and absolutely delicious flavor. I can’t wait to cook with it again.












6 Responses to “Bavette steak with celeriac and spinach”
  1. Can’t believe how much Libby’s grown! They are so lovely together…

    • petra08 says:

      hi Kathryn
      I still can’t resist lifting her up sometimes and she is quite heavy! 🙂 She is almost as tall as Fred now over the shoulders but has more of a runners body. They are so cute together it is just amazing 🙂

  2. mistimaan says:

    Looks too good

  3. Conor Bofin says:

    Hi Petra,
    Steak and celeriac are a great pair. We like to mash the celeriac along with potatoes (two thirds celeriac and one third a floury potato) along with some milk and butter. It makes a very tasty mash.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Conor
      I absolutely agree with you! I haven’t done a mixed mash, potatoes and celeriac, I used only celeriac but potatoes makes everything a little bit better! 🙂

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