Sweltering heat and delicious food

Jersey oyster, shallots & ginger vinaigrette

The summer has been absolutely amazing, hot and sunny and what a luxury to wake up every day and feel that it is beach weather! I haven’t had much time to go to the beach but I go every opportunity I get.


The dogs prefer early morning walks on the beach when the tide is low. This is a rare moment when Libby is actually standing still, I had to be quick with the camera.

dog on the beach


I was heading to London to meet up with a friend. It was hot by the coast with a sea breeze but in London the air was at a stand still, it was sticky, sweaty and so hot I felt I was trying to function in a sauna. Saying that I instanty felt better seeing my friend, deciding where to go for lunch.


It wasn’t a day to wander around the lovely city so we went to the Ninth for a few bites to eat. The Ninth is the restaurant by chef Jun Tanaka, he has the lightest touch and cooks delicious food.


There was so much to catch up on, life at the crossroads and so many decisions to be made. The future is impossible to predict but we made a valiant effort to see what is around the corner.


We started with Jersey oysters with shallots and vinaigrette. The oyster was smooth and the crispy shallots added delicious texture.

Jersey oyster, shallots & ginger vinaigrette
Sea bass carpaccio, salsa verde & pickled kohlrabi.

 Sea bass carpaccio, salsa verde & pickled kohlrabi


Oxtail croquettes, absolutely perfectly shaped with what I believe to be super smooth pea and wasabi puree.

Oxtail croquettes with pea and wasabi puree

Oxtail croquette with pea and wasabi puree


We also had Burrata, pickled beetroot, walnut pesto

Burrata, pickled beetroot, walnut pesto


Everything was delicious but the carrots were my absolute favourite, they had a perfect crunch and a balance of acidity and spices. I had to make a concious effort to share.


My friend has taken some life changing decisions, and it is so interesting to hear about plans going forward and see what is going to happen. I did something similar a few years ago and have never looked back. It was so scary to give up a way of living, work that I have years of experience from and a lifestyle that was very comfortable. I think change is always challenging in different ways. I am glad I took the step outside my comfort zone but that said it doesn’t mean I don’t doubt my sanity from time to time.


We went on to a new restaurant, Kazu on Charlotte Street. They serve contemporary Japanese food in a clean and stylish setting.


Kazu restaurant London


Making sushi is a continual quest for perfection and the sushi looked absolutely delicious.

We ordered some vegetarian gyoza. I liked the texture, it was a creamy with textures of vegetables, crispy and soft.



We ordered a Special Unagi roll. It has avocado, fresh crab meat, flying fish roe and braised eel on top. The roll was absolutely delicious and so rich, the crab, the avocado and the eel worked so well together and the flavours were very luxurious.

Unagi roll


My absolute favourite was the Seared fattiest tuna Nigiri. It was soft like butter and simply melted in my mouth, it was a delicious sensation.


seared fatty tuna nigiri


It was a lot of food, a few glasses of wine before it was time to step out in the relentless heat again.

I am so glad I went and we had a great time. Usually when I go to London I take the oppotunity to hit some shops up, mainly for various food ingredients but it was so hot I headed straight for the train. When I was back I took the long way home and walked along the beach, breathing the sea air knowing exactly why I stepped out of my comfort zone.


fishing boat on the beach








9 Responses to “Sweltering heat and delicious food”
  1. Libby’s a lucky doggy! 🙂

  2. mistimaan says:

    Looks tasty

  3. Laura says:

    I’m so impressed that your heat wave is continuing Petra – hopefully a sign of the summers to come. Have you tried making chicken stock ice cubes for the fur babies? 🐕 🐶😊

    • petra08 says:

      hi Laura
      It is absolutely amazing! Every day feels like a gift and it is such a treat 🙂
      Haven’t thought of chicken stock ice cubes but will make some tomorrow, what a great idea! xx

  4. frejatravels says:

    beautiful photos and the food looks very yummy

    • petra08 says:

      Thank you so much! I truly appreciated the food, both restaurants are great. London is an incredible city and there is so much food to choose from! 🙂

      • frejatravels says:

        You welcome… unfortunately I do not like London. It is just too hectic for me. he..he.. Luckily plenty of good food in Copenhagen. Both of us love good food and we always try many different food. Usually we have a local food in the country we travel. I probably should write about the food blog:)

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