Seal watching and a great curry

Sandwich Seal Colony

This summer has been incredible, sun shining days on end and it has been unusually hot even in the evenings. We have made the most of the weather and basically lived in the garden. Some days were so hot we have been looking at what we can do to cool down. One day we went to the quaint town of Sandwich, it is a town steeped in history and it is absolutely worth a visit.


Sandwich House

This is a typical house and just walking around makes you feel a part of history.

Sandwich used to be a sea port but the sea moved and now the river Stour leads to the sea. As we walked along the river we saw a sign for seal watching trips and we thought it would be a great way to spend a cool evening. A friend came with us and I can’t actually remember when I was last on a boat.

It was a picture perfect evening, the water was so still it was like a mirror. A duck was enjoying the evening sun.



The nature along the river changed as we came closer to the sea. At first it was really lush and green.


River Stour


An abandoned boat


Abandoned boat on the river Stour


The banks where the seals rested on were so close, it was amazing to see them so chilled out and there were so many of them. They looked relaxed but kept a close eye on us.


Sandwich Seal Colony

Sandwich Seal Colony

Sandwich Seal Colony


We came back around eight and I had the biggest craving for a Korma. There is a new Indian restaurant in Sandwich, Namaste and we decided to try it out. They have another restaurant that we have been to before and they do the best Indian food around.


The restaurant looks modern and it looks lovely. The staff is great and I could finally have my Korma. Usually I would go for a curry with more heat but I love the creaminess of a Korma.


We shared a few dishes, a Shahi Korma, Garlic and Chilli Naan, super fluffy Pilau rice, Chicken Karahi and Bombay Aloo.


Shahi Korma from Namaste


garlic chilli naan at Namaste


Pilau rice at Namaste


Chicken Karahi from Namaste


Bombay Aloo from Namaste


It was the perfect way to end a lovely evening. The currys were just the perfect size, light but filling and absolutely delicious. The spices are so well balanced and ‘I have already booked a table to go back.










7 Responses to “Seal watching and a great curry”
  1. Thanks for the glimpse into your afternoon and evening. The curry sounds delicious. What a charming place close to home.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Liz
      I am glad to be able to share the mini trip! The seals were very charming and the curry so good I went back again since I wrote the blog! Sandwich is a super uqaint and ancient town and not far away 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    How cool a town called sandwich! I’m drooling Petra at that yummy Indian food too 🤗

  3. mistimaan says:

    Lovely post

  4. Beautiful photos and delicious food — terrific post, Petra. Hugs.

  5. How wonderful! It looks gorgeous there xx

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