Wild sea trout and clear truffle butter ravioli

Wild sea trout with clear ravioli

Some fish, like fruit and vegetables are seasonal. The sea trout is a delicious seasonal treat and I am lucky to be able to get some at my local fishmongers, Jenkins & Son.

I wanted minimal cooking, the fish itself it so delicious.


I read about clear edible discs and I knew I had to buy some. They are completely clear and melt when they get in contact with water. They arrived almost straight away and I thought I would try them with the sea trout. I wasn’t quite sure how to make them so I went out in the garden to get some inspiration. I had some rock samphire and sea kale that I picked earlier that day to use as well.

In the end I had quite a bounty with squash flowers, corn flowers, wild rocket flowers, a couple of marigolds and some wild fennel fronds.


Edible flowers


After some deliberation, all on my own in the kitchen, I made two dishes. I also had a yellow courgette and some pumpkin and thought it would be nice in a tempura together with the squash flowers, the sea kale and the rock samphire.


Rock Samphire Tempura




The rock samphire has a distinct taste and it made delicious tempura.


The other dish I made was a broth with the wild sea trout. I bought cold water prawns and some scallops as well. Instead of a glass of wine with my cooking I quickly seared the scallops and ate them as I was cooking the rest of the food.


Wild Seatrout, cold water prawns and scallops


I peeled the prawns. Most of them had roe inside and I saved this and dehydrated it in the oven.


Dashi and Prawn Broth with Truffle Butter

preparation time 10 minutes

cooking time 30-40 minutes

serves 2


  • 150 gr or 5.2 oz shell on prawns, peel and place the shells and heads in a pan
  • 4 dl chicken stock (use fish stock or vegetable stock if you prefer)
  • dashi, I used 1 sashet of granulated dashi
  •  4dl water
  • 1 heaped tsp of truffle butter

Bring all ingredients except the truffle butter to a boil and turn the heat down to simmer. The shells and heads of the prawns bring lots of flavour.

Simmer the broth until it is reduced to about half. Pass the broth through a sieve and keep it warm until you are ready to serve.

Just before serving add the truffle butter, you only need a little to get a lot of flavour.


I placed about half a tea spoon of truffle butter and edible flowers inside of the clear, edible discs.


truffle butter and edible flowers in a clear edible disc


I sealed the discs with a heat sealer.

I placed sliced sea trout in a deep plate with the prawns and steamed samphire before pouring over the hot broth.


Wild Sea Trout and edible clear ravioli


This will only cook the sea trout mildly, if you prefer it cooked more pre cook the sea trout very lightly.

Add the clear ravioli, it will dissolve in the broth and add more flavour and last sprinkle over the dehydrated prawn roe and ganish with wild fennel fronds, dill would work well instead.


Wild sea trout with clear ravioli


The dishes worked well together. My broth boiled a little too much and wasn’t as clear as I would have prefered but it tasted great.

I am bringing this to Angie’s Fiesta Friday as no week is the same without her lovely blogging party! Her co hosts this week are Iris, Iris and Honey and the lovely Mollie, The Frugal Hausfrau. Check out their blogs and get some brilliant recpies and come and join us for the party!









14 Responses to “Wild sea trout and clear truffle butter ravioli”
  1. mistimaan says:

    Lovely recipe

    • petra08 says:

      hi Priyabrataa
      Thank you. It was a great way to get all the flavour from the wild sea trout. I have since tried the recipe with cod and that was delicious too 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Stunning Petra – love that you choose wild fish too – so much better for us and the planet than farmed fish!

  3. Mikaela says:

    So pretty! I love that you ate the scallops as you were cooking. I would probably do the same thing! Thanks for joining Feista Friday this week!

  4. What inspiring photography!!! What a tasty looking item for this seafood lover! I really want to dive into this!

    • petra08 says:

      Thank you so much! There wasn’t anything left 🙂 I re did the dish for friends but without the ravioli and hmm it was so much quicker but still much appreciated 🙂

  5. Two gorgeous and perfectly fancy dishes! I haven’t seen the clear discs, so had to look them up. Fascinating! Do they have any flavor at all?

    Thanks for bringing your dish to Fiesta Friday!


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