Lobster linguini

Lobster linguini

I have to admit I am a sucker for a good lobster and great pasta and they make a delicious pair! 

I went to the fishmongers to get eggs and I saw that they had some fresh, just cooked, lobsters. One of them had my name on it. I got the eggs to make pasta for the market and decided to make some extra for a lobster linguini. 


Lobster linguini

preparation time 10 minutes 

cooking time 2 hours for the lobster stock and 3 minutes for the pasta (or the stated time on the package) 

oven 140C or 284F

serves 2, I made this dish for 2 but it would easily serve 4


For the stock

  • 1 lobster
  • 12 dl or 6 cups of chicken stock
  • 1/2 dl or 1/4 cup Shaoxing rice wine
  • 1 garlic, cut in half
  • sea salt, to taste

Pick the meat out of the lobster. Try to keep the claw meat whole for the plating.

Place the  lobster shells in an oven proof dish with the garlic, chicken stock and Shaoxing rice wine. Bring it to a boil, put the lid on and place in the oven and leave for two hours. 

Lobster broth

Strain the broth through a fine sieve or a muslin cloth. Taste the broth to see if you need more salt. 

The lobster linquini

  • 100 – 150 gr pasta/pp
  • 3 dl or 1 1/2 cup lobster stock
  • 20 gr or 0.7 oz cold butter, cubed (less if you prefer)
  • a few asparagus spears

Bring a big pan of salted water to a boil and cook the pasta according to instructions. 

Steam the asparagus.

Heat the lobster stock and whisk in the cold butter to thicken it slightly.

Add the cooked linguini and plate it. 

Add the lobster, heat it gently in some stock on the side if you want it warm. Add the steamed asparagus and serve. 

Lobster linguini

The dish was so simple but such a treat. The lobster was delicious and it was perfect with the pasta. My photo doesn’t do it justice but it was too good not to share.

I had some broth left over and served it with with some treats that I picked up at the market, chanterelle and black trumpet mushrooms and Polish dumplings filled with potato.  

I bought salmon and prawns for a light dinner. I pan fried the salmon, the sliced dumplings and the mushrooms. I peeled the cooked prawns, heated up the lobster broth and it made a great dinner. 

Salmon & prawns in lobster broth

The broth had a deep lobster flavor and it worked just as well with the pasta as with the seafood, mushrooms and dumplings. 

The lobster was enough for four meals and working it out like that it wasn’t really luxury, just simply delicious.

I am bringing this to the lovely Angie’s Fiesta Friday, the best foodie party around! She has two talented co hosts, Alex, Turks Who Eat, and Zeba, Food for the Soul. Come and join us or just have a look and get foodie inspired! 

24 Responses to “Lobster linguini”
  1. Sandhya says:

    I am a lobster fan too Petra! This looks scrumptious!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Sandhya
      I just can’t resist them sometimes! Living by the sea and get local ones makes it even more special 🙂 Am glad you like the dish!

  2. mistimaan says:


  3. jackcollier7 says:

    Petra, this dish looks fabulous. 💕

    • petra08 says:

      hi Jack,
      Thank you! The lobster was amazing. I was in such a hurry to eat it the photo doesn’t do it justice 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Gail,
      yes, me too 🙂 we are so lucky here, the lobster is so fresh I am always tempted to just eat it straight away 🙂

  4. chefjulianna says:

    This looks so very divine, Petra! 🙂

  5. What a beautiful and delicious plate. I can almost taste the wonderful broth Petra!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Zeba
      Thank you so much! The broth worked out so well and had so much flavor 🙂 Thank you for co hosting FF!

  6. Lobster – great broth, delicious!

  7. Yum, Petra! Love that concentrated lobster stock, I’ll have to give that a try.

  8. Laura says:

    Yummy Petra – I’m sure those doggies of yours would also love any leftover broth – I know my two do!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Laura
      Thank you. They absolutely do and they love seafood, the fish in fish & chips is the favorite! 🙂 x

  9. That looks delicious. 😃

    Although I would have to admit that one of the characters in the on-line vampire novel I’m writing – a psychic lobster who goes by the name of Michelangelo – probably wouldn’t appreciate my eating it.

  10. petra08 says:

    Thank you for the re blog!

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