Skrei with Wild Garlic Butter and a Lobster Carbonara

Skrei Cod with Wild Garlic Butter

A couple of years ago I wanted some Skrei cod. I had something in mind but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Skrei cod is delicate, lean and delicious in flavor, it has white flaky meat and to be certified as Skrei cod it has to meet strict regulations. It belongs to the largest cod population in the world and if you come across it, don’t miss out.

I can’t even remember why I was looking for Skrei but my friend, who is a fishmonger got some in. He told me about this cod that was quite expensive but was supposed to be the best. I knew straight away what he was talking about after some confusion on my part due to hmm pronunciation.

Skrei is so delicious simple cooking works the best I find.

Skrei Cod

I scraped the skin and cut the meat off the bone, skin on. I then removed any bones in the fillet.

I saved the bones for the next day when I had planned to make a fish soup, a plan that later changed.

I put the oven on 160C, or 320F before heating butter and oil in an ovenproof frying pan.

I salted both sides of the Skrei and scored the skin before placing the fillets in the hot pan, skin side down. I fried the fish until the skin just started to brown and then added a little more butter and placed the pan in the oven for 12 minutes.

The fish was just slightly firm to touch and started to flake when I took it out of the oven. I let it rest for 5 minutes, loosely covered.

Whilst the fish was cooking I chopped wild garlic and mixed it with butter.

Remove the skin and add the garlic butter, fermented wild garlic buds and a squeeze of lemon before serving with boiled new potatoes and I have to say it was so delicious.

Skrei Cod with Wild Garlic Butter

I bought quite a large chunk of Skrei but there was nothing left but the bones for a fish soup.

I went to buy eggs the next morning and a lobster caught my eye.


I never used to have a thing for lobsters but since I moved here and they are available caught just a few hours before and sometimes still warm, I totally get it. Fresh lobster is a wonderful treat.

I shelled the lobster and decided to make a broth with the Skrei cod bones and the lobster shells.

Seafood broth

preparation time 5 minutes

cooking time 1 1/2 + 30-40 minutes

serves 2


  • Skrei cod bones
  • Lobster shell
  • 2 Lemongrass stalks, bruised
  • 4 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 2 tbsp Shaoxing rice wine
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp miso paste
  • a pinch of ground black pepper
  • enough water to just cover
  • butter for frying the bones and shell

Heat butter in an ovenproof dish with a lid. Brown the bones and shell lightly in the butter and add the remaining ingredients.

Add the lid and place in the oven for an hour and a half. Check after an hour to make sure it isn’t dry.

Lobster broth

Pour the broth through a fine mesh sieve and place the broth in a clean pan. Bring the broth to a boil and reduce it until about 1/3 remains. Taste the broth to see if you need more salt and pepper.

I had some fresh made beetroot spaghetti and decided to use the concentrated seafood broth as a base for a lobster carbonara.

Lobster carbonara

preparation time 10 minutes

cooking time 2 minutes, or the time it takes to cook the pasta

serves 2


  • Pasta for 2
  • 1 lobster, shelled and sliced
  • 2 dl or 1 cup of seafood broth
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • 1 pinch of chilli

Cook the pasta. Whisk the egg yolks in to the simmering broth but don’t let it boil. Add the boiled pasta to the broth along with a little of the pasta water. Mix and place on a plate. Add the lobster and if you have, the lobster roe, grate a little lemon zest over and serve.

Lobster Carbonara

I try to buy as much of what I eat locally. I like to support my community, local shops keeps the high street alive. I am so lucky to have such amazing ingredients right on my door step.

I am bringing this to Angie’s Fiesta Friday, the best foodie party around! get Come on over and have a look, get inspired by food from the whole world!

Her co hosts this week are Liz, Spades, Spatulas & Spoons, this week she made a delicious sounding Middle Eastern Herb & Cauliflower salad, the sort of salad you just want to tuck in to!

Angie’s other co host is Antonia, Antonia’s blog is full of yummy foods. I am always up for a good salsa (mainly the kind you eat) and check out her Bruchetta salsa, my kind of food!

14 Responses to “Skrei with Wild Garlic Butter and a Lobster Carbonara”
  1. Antonia says:

    This look delicious! Is there anything better than garlic butter? Thank you for the kind words, and for bringing your scrumptious dish to the party! Happy Fiesta Friday! 😀

    • petra08 says:

      hi Antonia
      I agree, garlic butter is always good! 🙂
      Thank you for co hosting FF and have a great weekend!

  2. I totally agree about fresh lobster.

    I could never see why people fussed about lobsters until I ate them in restaurants by the ocean where they were caught and served fresh.

  3. Leslie Cotton says:

    Hi Petra,

    Love your posts. So excited to have a local blogger, especially when most of the ones I follow are from the states.

    Without naming names, as I don’t know if that’s allowed, is your fish monger located on High street in Deal? I’ve oftener craved lobster but didn’t know he carried any!

    Many thanks,


    Sent from my iPad


    • petra08 says:

      Hi Leslie
      Thank you! I also have a stall at Deal market, Heatonomy. Come and say hello 🙂
      Yes it is Jenkins and son on the high street. If the lobsters are available he will have them!

  4. All looks delicious and beautifully presented, as always. Curious: where have you moved to? I looove lobster !

    • petra08 says:

      hi Jo
      Thank you so much 🙂
      I live in Deal, Kent, right by the coast and a wonderful place to get fresh seafood! Agree with you on the lobster! 🙂

  5. Those are dishes I would order in a restaurant, wow! How delicious. And lucky you to be able to find fresh lobster.

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