Charred trout with Pata Negra lardo

Charred trout with pata negra lardo

What a week it has been! I met up with my sister in London and I haven’t seen her for a long time. We had a brilliant time and it was like we haven’t spent any time apart. We ate Korean food, lots of small dishes to share and time to catch up moving from one topic to another at breakneck speed. I was so busy talking I completely forgot to take a photo of the food but did a rare selfie.

I have eaten some amazing foods so far this week actually. A new cafe opened a while back, Pomegranate. They serve Middle Eastern food and they just launched a breakfast offering. We have countless cafes and hotels offering a full English breakfast and sometimes that is great but I love this Turkish breakfast, Cilbir.

I finally upgraded my ovens. The old ones were not that old but we never quite got along and it was only a matter of time before we had to separate.

The new ovens arrived, one was installed, all good. The second one was connected and then just almost installed. The support for the shelf above took just a tiny bit too much space and it would’t fit. My heart sank and I had visions of my new oven sticking out for weeks on end. Lucky for me Bryn, one of the best, and nicest carpenters was working at my neighbors house and he came over and made sure the oven fitted in about fifteen minutes, he made my day!

miele ovens

Another surprise this week was a knock on the door yesterday evening. Another neighbor had been fishing and caught some trout and came to give us one.


I filleted the trout and put it in the fridge for today, what a treat!

I had some local asparagus in the fridge to go with the trout and I also had some Pata Negra lardo in the fridge and a surf n turf plan was taking shape.

I made incisions in the skin of the trout fillets and heated oil in a frying pan.

I pan fried the fish skin side down until almost cooked through. I then placed it on an oven tray.

When I bought the lardo I had thin slices in mind. The lady who was slicing it seemed to be more prone to build a pile, once the slices are placed on top of each other they are almost impossible to separate. I had to cut the lardo thinly though the pile and placed it on top of the trout fillets.

I blow torched the lardo covered trout until the fat crisped up and started to melt into the trout.

Trout and pata negra lardo

I added a pinch of sea salt, Aleppo pepper, sesame seeds and edible flowers from the garden. It was very light with the asparagus and for a more substantial meal I would serve it with boiled new potatoes.

Charred trout with pata negra lardo

The trout was so fresh and absolutely delicious, it was a lovely surprise present.

I am bringing this to the lovely Angie’s Fiesta Friday. Angie is hosting the most amazing foodie party every week and please come and join us and get hungry, inspired and connect with other foodies.

Her brilliant co hosts this week are Liz, Spades, Spatulas & Spoons and Jenny, Apply to Face Blog. Check out their blogs, Jenny has a great recipe for my favorite cake, Lemon Drizzle! Liz is so green fingered and cooks delicious fresh food that always makes me hungry.

7 Responses to “Charred trout with Pata Negra lardo”
  1. I think I’ll do some trout fishing this summer and catch some fresh trout to cook. ☺

  2. This looks just exactly like what I love to eat! I’m curious about the Turkish breakfast, what is it? It is very intriguing. Thank you for bringing this to FF.

    • petra08 says:

      Hi Liz
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I hope you get to try Cilbir, I am sure you would make a wonderfully delicious version! 🙂 Thank you for co hosting FF! x

  3. That’s a wonderful light dinner, Petra, perfect for the warmer weather. So glad you had the chance to meet up with your sister. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Whenever my sisters and I get together, we always act so silly like we’re still little kids, lol.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Angie
      It was long overdue and such a great day! 🙂
      The pata negra lardo added a wonderful flavor to the trout. I did it with endive as well and it worked a treat. x

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