Pan fried mackerel and saffron mash potato

Pan fried Mackerel & saffron mash

It is seafood week! I love seafood and this year I wanted to participate. This week I will publish one blog per day.

Here are the features day by day and why not join in?

  • Friday 4: Mackerel
  • Saturday 5: Prawns
  • Sunday  6: Plaice
  • Monday 7: Scallops
  • Tuesday 8: Mussels
  • Wednesday 9: Hake
  • Thursday 10: Crab
  • Friday 11: Haddock, cod and pollock for fish & chips

Today is the first day and it is time to dedicate it to mackerel. Mackerel has a range of health benefits as well as being delicious.

Mackerel is best eaten super fresh, frozen or tinned. I always get my mackerel at the fishmongers, Jenkins & Son.


I got two good sized mackerels, brown shrimp, cockles and samphire for dinner.

I stopped at the green grocers on the way home and picked up some runner beans, shallot onion, fennel and potatoes.

When I came home I placed my purchases on the kitchen island and an idea for dinner was taking shape.

I started by slicing the runner beans and the fennel. I peeled the shallot onions and added just enough water to cover the vegetables. I simmered the vegetables with 2 thick lemon slices and added the samphire a few minutes before serving.

fennel, runner beans and shallot onion

I didn’t add any spices at all and I used the vegetable stock to make mackerel jus.

I peeled potatoes and cooked them with saffron to make mash.

saffron potatoes

When the potatoes were cooked I put them through a potato ricer for a smooth mash before adding butter and a little milk. Taste the mash and see if it needs salt & pepper.

The brown shrimp were already cooked. I filleted the mackerel, added salt and pepper and pan fried it until just cooked. I added the cockles to the pan to crisp them up.

Remove the mackerel and cockles from the frying pan, de glaze with some of the vegetable stock, lemon juice and quickly reduce it by half for a mackerel jus.

I plated up with the vegetables, saffron mash potatoes and added a drizzle of chevril oil. I also had home grown, sliced candy beetroot, kholrabi and home made gooseberry chutney.

Pan fried Mackerel & saffron mash

What a way to start the seafood week!

6 Responses to “Pan fried mackerel and saffron mash potato”
  1. You almost make me crave mackerel, lol. Not my most favorite fish but I’ve had good mackerels. You’re absolutely right about them being best when super fresh. You’ve managed to elevate the humble mackerel to a gourmet dish fit for a king, or queen 😄

    • petra08 says:

      hi lovely Angie
      Thank you so much! Mackerel doesn’t age very well, I remember a fisherman when I was little said it is best within a couple of hours being caught! That can be difficult and it has a very distinct flavor but it is extra delicious with gooseberries that cuts through the rich flavor 🙂 xx

  2. The potatoes sound really interesting with the addition of the saffron.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Dorothy
      The saffron was great with the potatoes. I always have saffron in my cupboard and feel I don’t use it enough! 🙂

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