Crispy seafood lasagna

seafood lasagna

A friend asked me the other day for some good news. I had a think and something that amazes me is how nature is recovering even in the short time we have been in lock down. I hope it will make us find better ways for us to live in harmony with nature, looking after our earth.

A surprise is I have made some new friends at Great British Social. We do virtual cook along’s, it isn’t the same as cooking together in a room but I have learnt new dishes and it is always a giggle. Great British Social is part of the Great British Food Festival that moved online.

One of the dishes we made, shown by Nui, Cooking with Thai, was Thai Moneybags, an especially popular dish during the New Year Festival, claimed to bring good luck. I haven’t cooked much Thai food but I love it so I couldn’t wait, perhaps especially to eat them!

This is a vegetarian version and it was absolutely delicious. I ate it with my sweet chilli garlic sauce and I also made a grapefruit and ginger dipping sauce.

Thai Money bags

I made the money bags from dumpling skins. I try to always have a pack of them in my freezer for when I have a craving for dumplings! The moneybags are a little fiddly to make but well worth the effort and I will absolutely make them again.

I went to the fishmongers with the idea of making seafood dumplings for dinner using the left over dumpling skins. I bought some John Dory local and sustainable fish. It will never win any beauty contests but it tastes so good.




I had never filleted a John Dory fish so I bought it whole as a challenge. It has big spikes but as long as they are avoided you will be fine. I think I did an ok job.

John Dory fillets

I bought scallops as they always make any dish that little bit better.


I added a few king prawns, because they are delicious.

king prawns

I was very pleased with my little shopping trip and plans for dinner.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day and we thought it was perfect for a drink on the beach. It was so lovely there and by the time I remembered my dinner plans it felt a little late to start making dumplings.

I looked at my ingredients and decided to make the flat dumpling skins crispy, cook the seafood and make a delicious sauce with some left over prosecco and stack it like a lasagna.

Prosecco seafood butter sauce

preparation time 5 minutes

cooking time abut 15 minutes

serves 2


  • shell & heads of 4 king prawns
  • Any left over pieces of scallop not being used
  • the fish bones
  • 1/2 onion, roughly chopped
  • 1 tsp mustard
  • 2 garlic cloves, roughly chopped
  • 1 dl or 1/2 cup
  • butter for pan frying + 80 gr or 2.8 oz cold, cubed butter

Shell the king prawns and keep the heads and shell.

Clean the scallops and add any trimmings not being used. Fillet the fish and save the bones.

Heat the butter for pan frying and add the prawn shells, scallop, fish bones, onion and garlic.

Fry for a few minutes and add the mustard, fry for another minute and add the prosecco. Boil down until half and strain. Place the sauce back in the pan and reduce slightly further. Taste with salt and pepper.

Add the cold, cubed butter and whisk in, the sauce will thicken and turn the heat down and keep the sauce warn until you are ready to serve.

I pan fried the fish and scallop and deep fried the dumpling skins and prawns before layering the ingredients with the dumpling skins, added the sauce and served with bok choi.

seafood lasagna

The dumpling skins were delicious and I liked the combination of the crispy skins and the seafood, it was light but filling and the prosecco seafood buttersauce worked beautifully with the dish.

15 Responses to “Crispy seafood lasagna”
  1. So creative and wonderful dish! I love crispy 😉😋

  2. Is that shrimp? I wanna. 🍃🍤

  3. As someone who loves both seafood and lasagna, this is a really great recipe. 🙂

  4. This is stunning, so beautiful and sounds delicious. Very impressive! Thank you for cohosting and bringing it to FF.

  5. Wow, what a tasty dish, I love how you’ve made the sauce it really does sound delicious. Thanks for cohosting and sharing your recipe to Fiesta Friday.

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