Oh so delicious seafood at Dory’s in Margate

Do you ever just need a day off? I have been so busy I felt I needed to do something different, get out of town. Perhaps I was feeling just a tiny bit claustrophobic and we decided to spend the day in Margate. Margate is quite close but it offered a change of scenery and there is a restaurant I wanted to try.

It turned out the restaurant wasn’t open but the menu outside of Dory’s caught my eye. I hadn’t seen this place before and I liked the look of it. As we stood outside checking the place out a waitress came out and was so nice and described the food in a way it made us hungry and we knew this was the place for lunch.

The wine list had some delicious sounding wines but we were in the mood for a cool lager and setteled on a Helles session lager. It is light but carries lots of flavour and I thought would be great with some seafood.

The menu is a selection of dishes, mix and match tapas style and I couldn’t wait for lunch.

We ordered a few different dishes and kicked off with seabass ceviche, super fresh, chunky pieces of delicious seabass.

seabass ceviche

The next dish was charred mackerel.

The last dish was cuttelfish and mussels with aioli, I could have eaten this all day long.

It almost feels a bit strange to go to restaurants, almost, just almost like a naughty pleasure.

2 Responses to “Oh so delicious seafood at Dory’s in Margate”
  1. Gail says:

    Seafood is my “go-to” choice on the restaurant menu. 🍤🐟🦞

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