Delicious Italian food in Margate

This year I decided to do a proper Christmas lunch as last year was a bit of a wash out and it didn;t happen. Margate is not far and it has a lovely old town. I have walked past a restaurant called Bottega Caruso. I have seen it but was always on my way somewhere else so I made a note to go there and I finally booked a table.

Bottega Caruso in Margate

It was a windy day but the harbour was still captivating and I couldn’t resist a photo.

Margate harbour

Walking through Margate old town doesn’t take long but even after a short stroll my hair was a windy mess and I have to say it was nice to go inside the resturant. The pasta was being made and it smelt oh so Italian and I got instantly hungry.

We started with Alici Marinate, marinated anchovy fillets, so delicious there was almost a fight for the last bite!

 Alici Marinate at Bottega Caruso

We couldn’t make our minds up so decided to share all dishes, what a great way to do it!

Starter one was Zupetta de ceci e fungi, a wonderful example of Italian cooking, simple ingredients that comes together and taste delicious.

Zupetta de ceci e fungi at Bottega Cruso

The other starter was Impetata di cozze, plump mussels, cooked to perfection with a bite of freshly ground black pepper. This was my favourite and I could have eaten a few portions of my own! I did need the bread to soak up the juices.

Impetata di cozz at Bottega Caruso

For mains we chose two pasta dishes, tagliatelle ai funghi, a mushroom tagliatelle.

Tagliatelle ai funghi at Bottega Caruso

The other main course was irresistable, ziti con ragu di Nepaolitano, a slow braised ragu made with pork and beef. It was light as a feather and still full of chunky meat and flavour.z

Ziti con ragu di Nepaolitano at Bottega Caruso

There was nothing left and we were full but we couldn’t wait to try some dessert. Sadly the tiramisu wasn’t ready but M went for the Riso latte con marmellata di castagne, a rice pudding with a chestnut marmalade. Every bite was super light but loaded with flavour and the chestnut marmalade was inspired!

I opted for a cheeseboard, I can never resist cheese and it came with fennel jam! The jam was a star of the dish and I can only say I wish there was more on the cheeseboard but I am only saying that as I got a little greedy.

We washed the meal down with a brilliant, biodynamic red wine from Sangiovese.

I felt warmed by the food, the wine and the lovely atmosephere. I wish the restaurant was closer to where I live but it is worth the trip and what a treat. Don’t miss this if you come to Margate.

7 Responses to “Delicious Italian food in Margate”
  1. That Margate restaurant food looks delicious.

  2. Rosemarie West says:

    Happy New Year, Petra! Thanks for sharing your exquisite food journalism. Love it!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Rosemarie, I am so sorry your comment got stuck in pending and I only just saw it! I hope your hear is good and that next year will be good as well! And have lots of lovely foods 🙂 Petra x

  3. Tom Weber says:

    Margate is a seaside town in New Jersey, not unlike yours in the UK. I saw this post and initially thought just that: that you were reporting from NJ, lol. Well, if you love Italian food, take a look at a place newly opened in Northern NJ, and if you ever make it across the pond, stop in!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Tom, my apologies, your comment got stuck in pending and I only just spotted it. Uncle Giuseppes sounds absolutely amazing and my kind of shop! I wish it was closer! 🙂

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