An Ipswich mini break, The Good Food Festival & Spaghetti

I love food festivals and when The Great British Food Festival came (fairly) close to my part of the world I couldn’t wait to go. The closest town was Ipswich. I didn’t know Ipswich very well but booked the Salthouse Harbour Hotel in Neptune Quay. The hotel is funky, modern with old building charm in … Continue reading

Wonderfully decadent and indulgent food at Bar Boulud

A friend of mine suggested that I should go to Bar Boulud at the London Mandarin Oriental. His advice is always welcome and of course this turned out to be a proper food fest! It was a place where you get food so good it is virtually impossible to stop eating and I just wish … Continue reading

Serious growing at the allotment

Rain makes everything grow but like so many other things, too much can have the opposite effect. The allotment has almost been waterlogged at times this summer and the cold weather didn’t help. Lots of seeds didn’t come up at all, some came up to simply vanish. The slugs are thriving and eating their way … Continue reading

The first allotment artichokes, wild boar saussage and tofu dip

Sometimes it is harder to think of something to cook on a weeknight. Sometimes I just cook from what I have at home as I don’t have time, or energy to go to the shops, but today I had wild boar and apple sausages from the butchers and the first artichokes from the allotment! A … Continue reading