Paneer curry hot pot and blackberry picking

I had quite a productive weekend. I was very excited when I discovered ripe blackberries! There are lots still to come and it is in the sunny spots that they are ripe. We picked a big bowl of gorgeous blackberries. On the way home we checked on the apples, almost ripe and some pears, not … Continue reading

Serious growing at the allotment

Rain makes everything grow but like so many other things, too much can have the opposite effect. The allotment has almost been waterlogged at times this summer and the cold weather didn’t help. Lots of seeds didn’t come up at all, some came up to simply vanish. The slugs are thriving and eating their way … Continue reading

Cross Asian inspired stir fry (vegan)

I spent another lunch in the health shop, there are actually two of them within walking distance from the office so next time I will go to the other place and see if they have different vegan foods. The one I go to does have quite the selection and I came home with another strange … Continue reading

A visit from two Swedish friends and a lot of food

The past week was busy as always but the highlight was that two of my Swedish friends coming over to visit! They picked one of the hottest days of the year to arrive, a good sign for sure. It was a few years since we last meet so I was really looking forward to spending … Continue reading

Vegan hash

On my way home from work today I wanted to try some of the quorn that I bought as part of my vegan quest. I am not quite sure about all of it and this time it was “quorn frankfurters” I can imagine it being nice on a BBQ. I was so hungry I did … Continue reading

And the cauliflower was purple!

I tried to grow cauliflowers from seed this year. I have never done that before and the little seedlings grew very nicely until they were planted outside where they quite promptly died one by one. In the end I went to the garden centre and got some plants. The plants looked very strong and after … Continue reading

Vegan stuffed marrow with roast baby aubergines

It is amazing what difference a week of warm weather makes for the allotment. We went to see what had happened and the marrows are really taking off at last! There were more asparagus, well three spears that we picked as part of tonight’s dinner , the next set of broad beans has come through … Continue reading

Red Dukkah crusted Pork

One of my friends bought me a jar of a spice mix, Red Dukkah. Dukkah is associated with Egypt as a side dish consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, hazelnuts and spices. It is typically used as a dip with bread or fresh vegetables. I used it to sprinkle on my food but wanted … Continue reading

English spring veg and steak dinner

I love to make my way home from work on a Friday afternoon. I always make a stop at the veg mongers to see what they have. Lately they have had tempting cauliflowers at the front of the display and I can never resist them. Today I saw the first English marrow and I had … Continue reading