Rhubarb stuffed chicken and Veg bake with bacon

After the Easter indulgence I felt it was time to go for lighter foods! I have problems buttoning my favourite jeans, that is a sure sign lighter foods are coming up. I went to the allotment and it wasn’t only the forced rhubarb that was up but quite a lot of the non forced rhubarb … Continue reading

A Gin Discovery, BBQ, that Roast and a gorgeous Italian

Not quite sure where time has gone lately never enough updates but plenty of foods and finally time for some cooking! Last week when in Stockholm one of my colleagues gave me a tip for a simply gorgeous Italian restaurant that had me wolfing down pasta like there is no tomorrow, I will have to … Continue reading

Bank holidays full of food and sunshine

Two long weekends in a row, full of sunshine, good friends and mmm all that food! Easter already feels far away but actually it was the most glorious weekend, so much fun and food with friends, what can get better?! It kicked off with Chinese in Hayward’s Heath, it is one of my favourites, the … Continue reading

Rhubarb glazed gammon joint and the first wild garlic of the year!

Wild Garlic

Last weekend I wanted something different for the Sunday roast so I picked up a gammon joint for roasting. As it is so salty I thought something sour but sweet would be nice. It usually goes very well with orange but I picked the first rhubarb of the year and wanted to incorporate it with … Continue reading

Summer liqueurs and the first rhubarb

 The first rhubarb has finally come up after the warm week we had. I didn’t do any crumble but got very excited and promptly set liqueurs for the summer. I did the same last year and it was wonderful to sit outside in the summer evening and sip liqueurs as the sun was setting. I … Continue reading

Rhubarb Liqueur and spring planting

As it finally is getting a little bit warmer it is time for planting! Well, winter still seems to linger with the odd frosty morning but the onions are looking amazing, the garlic and the winter broad beans as well. Potatoes has gone in and fingers crossed it won’t get too cold for them.   … Continue reading