Lunch at the Edinburgh Mal and back home for dinner

I went to Edinburgh today for a meeting. It was a little overdue and when I travel over the day it is always nicer to meet over lunch if this suits, otherwise I am almost always stuck with some uninspired airport food. I landed this morning in a beautiful and sunny Edinburgh, I could not … Continue reading

Late lazy Saturday breakfast with Swedish meatballs

Perhaps Saturday morning is my favourite part of the weekend, still plenty of weekend ahead, time to be a little lazy and what better way to get started than watching Saturday Kitchen and have a nice big breakfast, I did a quick tour to the bakers and picked up some freshly baked rolls. In my … Continue reading

Fast Food – Slow Food and mmm crackling

After weeks of rain it finally cleared up, the sunshine was lovely and warm and Saturday was devoted to Rugby. It started with the Sevens. The theme this year was 70ties and there were some brilliant outfits. I wonder if they were all rented or if some of them actually own such clothes! I had … Continue reading

Prawn and halumi salad

After the indulgent weekend in Paris I felt that I should have more fruit and veg and decided to do a salad. I found some juicy prawns and used them to build the salad around. Here are the ingredients I used, you can of course use anything that you prefer, the beauty of salads! Gem … Continue reading